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Reshape your face without surgery


When it comes to anything Korean related, think skincare, cosmetics and plastic surgery trends, we are only too eager to embrace it. But with the recent hype on a V-shape chin, are we really prepared to undergo such extremes in our quest for beauty.

Asians generally deem a V-shape chin more attractive

Asians generally deem a V-shape chin attractive, as it makes one look instantly slimmer. A smaller chin also helps to accentuate and compliment your other beauty assets, such as your eyes and nose. If you think that only women are interested in achieving a slimmer jawline, you’d be wrong. With the rising popularity of male K-pop stars with their metrosexual, boyish good looks, the younger male audience have become interested in having a slimmer jaw too.

If you’re not ready to undergo surgery to achieve this look, there are other non-surgical procedures that may just be up your alley.

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Syringe vs Blade

Who wouldn’t be up for a cosmetic procedure if all it takes is a few injections? A jab here and there, and you can enjoy the look you’ve been yearning for without having to go under the knife.

Believe it or not, it does exist. Botox microinjections offers a quick (think 15 minutes or less), safe and painless alternative over surgical jaw reduction. These injection help to reduce the strength and action of the masseter muscle, which is the same muscle we use for chewing. By reducing the strength of the muscle via botox microinjections, the muscle becomes smaller and less prominent. A patient can see improvements typically after one month of treatment as it takes time for the muscle to shrink.

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Chin enhancement can help to improve the attractiveness of one's profile

The long and short of it

A receding chin or a short chin generally presents a weaker profile to the individual, giving a disproportionate and in general, unattractive appearance. To achieve a sharp and sculpted jawline, you can opt to rebuild the prominence of your chin by injecting FDA-approved natural fillers directly on the chin area.

If you’re more interested in contouring the shape of your chin, one or two injections of natural hyaluronic acid fillers is all it takes to create an aesthetically pleasing V-shaped face look.  This procedure can be done in under 20 minutes and the results are immediately visible. However, you may experience side effects such as dull aches or some slight bruising under the chin which will only take a few days to subside.

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Chin up

A beauty secret unbeknownst to many is Ulthera. This is a great treatment for creating the V-shape chin by contracting saggy and loose skin and stimulating new collagen production in the deep supportive layers of the skin. With this treatment, sagging skin along the jawline can be tightened and lifted, which in turn creates an aesthetically pleasing V-shaped face together with a well-proportioned chin.

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