The Game Changing Filler that Takes Years Off Your Face

Meet Profhilo – The Game Changing Filler that Takes Years Off Your Face. 


If you were to ask a dermatologist what their favourite ingredient in skincare was, chances are they’d say Hyaluronic Acid. The one naturally occurring substance in our body that retains moisture, aids with collagen production and essential a moisture magnet!  With age however, production of HA slows down, making our skin dehydrated and susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines. 

A number of skincare brands have hence included HA in their line up – serums, eye creams, lotions and potions of all kinds. It is in fact the one name you cannot escape whether you are shopping at your neighborhood Sephora or the dermatologist’s clinic. There’s no wonder then that fillers too have embraced the benefits of this wonder acid. Enter Profhilo, the game changing filler that is leading all the anti-ageing conversation this year. Here’s why you should try it too!


Highest Concentrations of Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid on the Market


Profhilo, the new age game changing filler contains one of the highest concentrations of stabilised hyaluronic acid on the market. It is injected just underneath the surface of the skin so it spreads easily and provides an instant hydration boost.

The doctors performing Youth Preserve, the treatment that uses Profhilo also employ a special 5-point technique that allows the product to spread evenly. And because Profhilo releases hyaluronic acid slowly over a month, any inflammatory response in the skin is reduced, and the positive effects of the treatment last longer than usual. 

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Acts Like a Hydrator and Not So Much a Classic Filler



Profhilo is a skin remodeling treatment that is designed to meet the needs of those with aging skin lacking in volume and elasticity. It is thermally and not chemically bonded which makes Profhilo behave like a hydrator and not a filler. In fact Youth Preserve is seen as a ‘youth maintenance’ treatment and is advised for those 30 years of age and above, who wish to add overall hydration and rejuvenation as opposed to targeted fillers for certain areas of the face only.  The treatment is especially effective at treating difficult areas such as the eyes, neck and décolletage. Dermal fillers aren’t usually suitable for these areas as the skin is particularly delicate – but these are also the areas that are prone to showing signs of ageing. 

A filler that works as skin care rather than spot correction, Profhilo is an investment in the future of your skin, not just the present.

You Can Enjoy the Benefits Well After the Treatment Has Been Done



After the initial Profhilo treatment, phase two kicks in. Over the next four weeks, Profhilo works hard at boosting elastin and collagen production effectively remodelling the skin to give it a plumper and smoother appearance. Apart from the deep hydration and skin boosting effects from hyaluronic acid, users also report a tightening and lifting effect from the treatment. For all the magical results that Profhilo offers, both before and after the treatment, it is increasingly becoming the filler of choice for doctors in Singapore and internationally. 


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The Radiance is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Experienced Before


While Profhilo takes some time to show its effects on your skin vs. traditional filler treatments, these are long lasting and deliver on beauty from the inside. The glow is unlike anything you have experienced before from topical creams and lotions as it kickstarts elastin and collagen production from the inside – similar to when you were (much) younger. 

It is also long lasting. Doctors recommend 1-2 top ups of the filler to deliver maximum results with effects of the treatment lasting up to 6 months.

Can be Supplemented with Other Treatments for More Mature Skins



While Profhilo is seen as a subtle anti-ageing and lifting treatment for those around 30, it can easily be used along with other procedures in case you are a seeking something stronger. For instance, if you are worried about deep lines and furrows that are already present on your mature skin, Profhilo can be used in combination with other treatments such as fillers, thread lifts or surgery easily. Your doctor would be the best person to advise a course of action based on your skin type. As always, shop around before you zero in on your choice of an aesthetician. Well regarded, a stellar reputation and a medical degree – all being non negotiable.


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