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I looked better after giving birth. Here’s how.


Saggy boobs. Stretched marks. Hair loss. Acne. I’m sure you’ve heard how your body will be forever ruined after pregnancy. But this isn’t always true. There are (real) women who do end up looking better and hotter after giving birth. Some thank their good genes for this super power but for other mere mortals, there’s always help you can count on.


Hormonal changes no doubt can affect your once porcelain, perfect skin, causing breakouts during pregnancy. Others experience hyperpigmentation with darkened areas on their face, particularly the cheeks, nose and even forehead. Using FDA approved pigment laser treatments combined with the healing therapy of LED Red, the Porcelain Skin Program restores skin health, with an overall radiance and glow.

The early days of motherhood can take a toll on you and your skin. Boost skin for a fresh new glow and put the bounce back into your skin with the Full Bloom Program. This treatment is safe for pregnant and / or breastfeeding mamas so you don’t ever have to feel you have to put your skincare on hold while caring for your bubba.

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Hair loss is real, especially postpartum. No thanks once again to hormonal changes happening in your body, new mothers may experience hair coming out in shocking amounts. Everyone goes through hair loss on a daily basis and 80 -100 strands is deemed normal. For new moms however, they could shed about 400 strands of hair per day. Usually by around 6 months postpartum, hair loss should have slowed down to pre-pregnancy days. But if they haven’t, mamas could opt for a hair treatment using FDA approved laser targeted at hair follicles to promote the growth of thick, healthy hair. Throw in a hair-cial with essential vitamins and a shot of Minoxidil for safe measure, that also helps to stimulate hair growth.

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Many new mothers struggle with weight gain and wonder if they will ever fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes again. Weight loss takes time, especially when it took your body 9 months to put it on. It’s not realistic to expect your body to shed that weight in a matter of a couple of months or even weeks.

There is hope for those who choose to breastfeed their newborns, with studies showing that women who exclusively breastfeed are more likely to lose their pregnancy weight by about 6 months after their babies are born compared to those who don’t.

But if breastfeeding is not for you and the last few kilos continue to elude you, you might want to consider a weight loss program that could help you combat resistant fat cells while contouring your shape all without the need for surgery.

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Being a yummy mummy has never been easier.

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