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How To Look Like Blackpink (Dance Moves Not Included)


Korea is the mecca for the ever-evolving makeup and skincare revolution. Anyone attuned to the K-pop and K-drama scene will find it hard to miss how impeccable Korean celebrities look on screen, almost like a dream.

One prime example of dreamy-looking celebrities comes in a pack of 4. BlackPink are the latest Korean pop sensation to take the world by storm. A cacophony of beauty, sass and sleek dance moves, they have wowed the masses with their music, moves and stunning good looks.

Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo have the faces and bodies one would kill for, and are undoubtedly the subject of beauty envy.

We dig in deeper to unravel their beauty secrets… so YOU can look just like them!

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Waist Time

One common trait about the Blackpink girls you will have noticed as they strut their stuff on stage and in music videos is how slim their waists are, complimented by their toned torsos. They highly accentuate this, by rocking midriff baring tops on a very regular basis.

These are body goals to live for. You cannot help but pay attention to their svelte figures; “love handles” is surely a term that is completely foreign to them.

These bodies are not achieved overnight. It is the result of religiously putting in hours at the gym, outside of their dance rehearsals, also another form of cardio-based workout.

When it comes to dietary habits, members of Blackpink have also professed that they do not specifically eat anything healthy, but control their food intake and frequency instead. Instead of eating one big meal at once, they eat regularly and steadily throughout the day.

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Fair Game

Another stark observation about the girls of Blackpink will be their snowy and porcelain facial complexions. These 4 ladies do not even need any makeup to look good with their practically flawless skin… imagine how good they look with makeup on.

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These K-pop starlets have recently stated in an interview that no matter how long their day is, they always swear by using an assortment of night creams and moisturizing products to nourish their faces, because of the copious amounts of makeup they use during media appearances and shoots.

They also swear by brightening and whitening creams, exfoliating products and lip balms, to keep their skin and lips supple.

A combination of discipline, the occasional revitalizing facial and the right products can really get you closer to accomplishing the Blackpink glass skin goal.


One of the best ways to charm someone is with very expressive and beautiful eyes, and the girls from Blackpink are absolutely adept at doing that, judging from the hordes of adoring fans who call themselves “Blink” all over the world.

Amongst all of the girls in the group, Lisa probably has the most gorgeous pair of peepers. Devoid of eye circles or eyebags and adorned by beautiful luscious lashes, her eyes have set the online community ablaze, with every fan waxing lyrical about how beautiful her eyes are.

Now not all of us are blessed with big, almond-shaped eyes like Lisa, but what we can do in our power is really look after the areas surrounding our eyes.

Firm and tight skin around the eyes can do wonders to boost your exuberance and make you look fresher, essentially giving more life to your eyes.

Always make sure you constant keep the area around your eyes moisturized with an eye cream of choice, to constantly make sure there is a constant flow of collagen that will keep the skin supple and smooth.

Do not take your lashes for granted too – keep them fluttering with a lash serum that will constantly ensure your lashes stay thick and stunning…like Lisa’s.

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