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How to Arrive Unbelievably Fresh When Taking The Red Eye


How to look instagram ready after a long haul flight

Travel is the new social currency. And what better way to make your friends jealous than to start sharing proof of travel on Instagram the moment you walk through those departure gates, through to #TBT moments post-vacation. While air travel has come a long way, our skin’s ability to deal with long flights have not. To arrive at the destination looking puffy, sallow and tired is an Insta-sin. So we have put together some cheats and tricks to help you look Instagram ready as soon as the tires hit the tarmac.

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1. Intense hydration
High altitudes and cabin pressures mean that your skin can get dehydrated easily. In addition to drinking lots of water on board and not going over board with the free alcohol, it is essential to flush the skin with hydration. Ensure that the moisturiser that you have packed is travel sized and will adapt well for the weather of your destination. Not all moisturisers are created equal. Choose one that is non-comedogenic that doesn’t clog the pores, and still allows the skin to breath. Tight spaces in inflight cabins can mean a breeding place for bacterial. Opt for skincare with anti-bacterial properties so as not to risk any outbreaks.

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2. Prepare the canvas
Before moisturising, the ritual of cleansing cannot be neglected. A cleanser needs to be gentle enough so as not to strip the skin of its natural oils in such a dry environment. For those with sensitive, acne-prone or combination skin, having a cleanser that doesn’t irritate is key. There are dual-duty cleansers in the market that serves as both a makeup remover and a cleanser, helping you to pack lighter than you really need.

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3. The extra step
For those that take the extra step of a serum or a lotion before sealing in all that goodness with moisturiser, look for products that contain Adenosine and Transexamic Acid. The former energises and recharges skin cells, imparting radiance and minimising tired looking skin. The latter ingredient brightens and ‘whitens’ the skin, giving your complexion an even, flawless look.

Recharge the skin with our very own Unicorn Tears , that is great for protecting the skin from free radical damage and imparting radiance to the skin.

4. Don’t forget the eyes
Nobody wants to look like they just took a 12-hour flight, on their Insta-stories. The skin around the eye area is thinner and more delicate and therefore exhibits the most visible signs of fatigue. Eye creams are aplenty. But choosing the right one to combat lines, dark eye circles and puffiness can be tricky. Look for an all-day eye cream that can help brighten the eye area in addition to providing it with moisture. Creams with retinol will help cell-regeneration during the long flight and as an added boost, pack one that contains Coenzyme Q10. The ingredient has been hailed to fight free radicals and support collagen production.

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5. Ready for your close up
As the final announcement is made for descent, priming your face with a light-weight colour corrector will help you get camera ready. For Asian skin tones, look for one with a lavender or purple hue to help neutralise dull or uneven complexions. Needless to say, choose one with a high SPF and is paraben and sulfate free. Finish off with foundation or powder, and voila, let the holidays begin!

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