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Beauty treatments worth treating yourself to this Christmas


The new rule of increasing groups to 5 per table couldn’t have come at a better time as we ease into Christmas. Suddenly Christmas feels exciting again, with the chance to dress up and revel with friends. As with all Christmases, we all love the idea of looking our very best and what better to look your best than to invest in some noteworthy beauty treatments that will have you radiant and glowing!

Beauty treatments worth treating yourself to this Christmas

Here are our top picks that we’re sure you’ll love with zero to little downtime.

#1 24K Uplift facial

Facials are the perfect pampering treat for your skin. Painless, relaxing and most importantly effective, the 24K Uplift facial is a hybrid facial that combines clinical-grade ultrasound skin lifting technology with cold laser to tone and rejuvenate skin. Add on skin exfoliating aqua-dermbrasion and vitaminized skin infusion, it’s no wonder this facial always comes up a top favourite for those looking to refresh the skin in as little as 90minutes.

#2 Water Drop Lift

Have always been coveting the famed Korean glow? It’s possible to achieve it with one of the latest treatments in town, Water Drop Lift. This painless procedure aims to increase the moisture content and elasticity in the skin, and stimulate collagen production for younger, healthier skin.

Skin looks more dewy, healthier and more rejuvenated!

#3 Micro Refine

If the size of your pores and excessive oiliness on your skin are getting you down, the Micro Refine treatment might just be the perfect skin pick-me-up you’re after.

Micro Refine uses small doses of anti-wrinkle injection to shrink sweat glands and sebaceous glands for skin that is smoother and clearer but without any loss of movement in major facial muscles. Pores also appear visibly smaller, with skin that is less oily and more translucent after the treatment.

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#4 Youth Preserve

The mark of healthy skin is hydrated skin. This balance can be more challenging to achieve as we get older, and our skin is more prone to drying out.

A boost of hyaluronic acid can help to restore hydration in parched skin. Youth Preserve using Profhilo does just this. Unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo works by stimulating the skin’s restructuring and remodelling processes to achieve younger looking skin with a bonus glow.


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