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Aesthetic treatments to invest in, in your 40s


These days it seems just about anyone has had or is considering getting aesthetic treatments done and when we start to do a little of our own research, doesn’t it seem like the options are mind-boggling?

Aesthetic treatments to invest in, in your 40s

In this article, we attempt to narrow down your options based on your concerns, especially  those you are likely to encounter in your 40s and hope this can help to streamline your choices to the ones you really need for your skin.

#1 Wrinkles

As we reach our 40s, it’s not uncommon to discover more lines on our faces, particularly around our eyes. Deep lines between our eyebrows or on our foreheads can be eradicated with the help of anti-wrinkle injections, a simple, straightforward procedure that paralyzes the muscles and stops them from contracting and creating these lines.

For an overall softening of lines on your face for a more rejuvenated, refreshed appearance, Ultherapy is a hot favourite. This FDA-approved ultrasound-based skin lifting technology penetrated deep into the skin without damaging the top layer of the skin, softening laugh lines whiles also lifting the jawline, cheeks and browline.

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#2 Pigmentation

As we get older, accumulative sun damage can manifest itself as pigmentation or uneven skin tone on the face. BB Aquatouch is a signature laser treatment that uses 1927nm Thulium laser that effectively targets the superficial skin layers to clear melasma, photo damaged skin and age spots.

Other bonus skin benefits you’ll love from this treatment includes improved skin texture, a brighter complexion and smaller pores for the appearance of clearer, smoother skin.

#3 Sagging skin

Collagen, the essential ingredient for firm, supple skin, starts to slow down its production as we get older, resulting in saggy skin.

To restore firmness and structure to the skin, threadlifts can be used to help lift and reposition droopy facial tissues. Infinity Instalift, popularly referred to as the king of non-surgical facelift, is a system of threadlifts designed for the face and neck to specifically address such concerns.

Infinity Instalift at SW1 helps to create a structure under the skin to support weakened tissues, restoring well-defined face, while also lifting and repositioning the facial tissues for a more youthful appearance.

#4 Dullness

Cell turnover slows down as we get older, translating to dead skin cells sitting on top of what could be glowing skin for a longer period of time. Add on dry or dryer skin as an unwanted side effect of aging skin and you have a recipe for dull skin.

Besides exfoliating your skin on your own, Water Drop Lift has been gaining popularity as an effective and painless treatment to promote glowing, radiant skin. The kind Korean artistes are getting for themselves. Water Drop Lift works by enhancing the moisture content and elasticity in your skin, rejuvenating and moisturising your skin in the process, with skin looking younger and healthier.

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