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5 Non-Laser Skin Whitening Options That Actually Work


Looking to achieve your favourite K-idol’s flawless, fair complexion? We got you covered. Uneven skin tone and dull skin can be due to several factors, such as genetics, the environment, and our lifestyles. Everyone is born with a certain skin type. Over time, our skin can appear less radiant. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, high stress levels, and exposure to pollution and sunlight may cause one’s skin to lose its natural glow.

Here are 5 whitening options that can save your skin:

1. Nicotinamide Ampoule

Certain skincare ingredients are very effective in evening our skin tone. Try Nicotinamide for size. It is one of the most whitening ingredients that treats skin without causing sensitivity. This intensive regime can effectively brighten the skin tone and improve dullness. Psst, Nicotinamide Ampoule also clears acne!

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2. Snow White Whitening Sunscreen Mist

This sunscreen is sure to leave your skin brighter and fairer instantly. Snow White Whitening Sunscreen Mist is a 100% mineral, light-weight sunscreen mist with foam-activated technology that delivers SPF 30 protection. It also has a super quick dry finish, which is perfect for hot days.

3. Retinol Peel

Improve your skin’s firmness and elasticity and reduce breakouts with the Retinol Peel treatment! Sounds a’peel’ing? Available at SW1 Spa, this treatment delivers an intense dose of Vitamin A to your skin. Vitamin A helps to heal damaged skin and even reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

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4. Illuminate

Another favourite treatment at the spa, Illuminate is a clinical grade therapy that uses pure tranexamic acid and concentrated Vitamin C to directly treat areas of discolouration.  Try it for a few sessions to witness your skin glow up.

5. Pearl éclat

Introducing Glutathione – one of the most powerful antioxidants known to reduce melanin (pigment) synthesis. The popular Pearl éclat treatment at SW1 Spa comes in the form of a skin whitening ampoule of Glutathione, along with rice callus and carrot cullus culture extracts that work together to get rid of pesky blemishes. The stem cell extracts and glutathione also lighten the skin. Still wondering if a porcelain complexion is possible? Pearl éclat is the ‘pearl’fect solution!

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