Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it seem that dark eye circles become more obvious and prevalent as we get older. Despite seemingly having had a good night’s sleep, those heavy undereye bags are all we see staring back at us in the mornings.

“As we age, our skin will lose its ability to regenerate and bounce back  as easily as before, so these dark circles become more prominent despite the amount of hours you’d invested in your beauty sleep,” shared Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director and founder of SW1 Clinic.

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While we agree there are many factors, ranging from genes to lifestyle choices that can influence on the visibility and appearance of your dark eye circles, we can all take comfort that there are ways to help diminish their appearance.

#1 Hydration is key

The skin around your eyes are very thin and will need external help to keep them well hydrated. Using a good eye cream or serum that isn’t too greasy  not only helps to brighten up the eye area, it can also help to prevent the skin here from shrinking inwards towards the bone, giving the illusion of shadow and dark eye circles.

#2 Use SPF

We’re already using it on our face to protect it from the harmful damage of the sun, why not apply them under your eyes too? Keeping the delicate skin around this area well protected from the sun is important, just like how you would want the preserve the other parts of your skin.

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#3 Try Retinoids

Retinoids are a class of compounds derived from vitamin A and is a common ingredient in skincare products as they are known to help stimulate collagen and also thicken the skin around the eye. Using an eye cream with Vitamin A in it not only brightens the eye area, but can also have a firming effect on this area.

#4 Use a good eye makeup remover

We all know this… Thou shalt not commit the cardinal sin of not removing makeup every evening. Beyond that, it’s also really important to use an eye makeup remover that deep cleanses without being too harsh on the eye area. Choose one that is oil-based, that way they are gentler on the skin and also likely to contain less preservatives.

#5 Treat your eyes

As you would treat your face to a facial, or your body to a massage, why not pamper your eyes with the all-inclusive Eye Illuminator Program that tones and firms the eye area while also brightening it with natural hyaluronic acids. Get ready to shed off years with brighter, more youthful eyes.

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