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Who knew you could achieve flawless skin from Botox?


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Have you ever wondered how glass skin a la Korean celebrities can be achieved, even for those not blessed with good skin? For more than 10 years, Micro Refine aka Skin Botox has been a popular aesthetic treatment in Korea, a procedure sought after by many for its immediate results for brighter, smoother skin.

Who knew you could achieve flawless skin from Botox?

What is Micro Refine?

As you can guess from the name of this treatment, Micro Refine injects the same neurotoxin Botulinum toxin into the skin. The botox injections that we know of traditionally treats deep line and wrinkles by having the toxin injected into the muscles.

Micro Refine on the other hand is placed in the outer later of the skin which targets pores to create a smoothing effecting all over the face.

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What is the procedure like?

For better comfort, numbing cream is applied onto a patient’s face prior to the treatment. Once the face is well and truly numbed, a needle is inserted just below the skin’s surface about 40 to 50 times along the jawline, forehead and the undereye area

What can you expect after treatment?

The treatments helps pores to shrink and tighten which results in skin appearing smoother and brighter in the process.

Light creases on your face may also disappear thanks to these injections. Other benefits include banishing breakouts because sweat and oil glands are affected by this procedure as pores become smaller.

As the injections are placed superficially under the skin and not into your muscles, you do not have to worry about losing your ability to make facial expressions. You will still look you, just with better skin.

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How long does Micro Refine last?

While results are immediate, they don’t last forever. They last for approximately 3 to 6 months, roughly the same period as typical Botox injections.


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