Top Aesthetic Trends for 2020. Here’s What Everyone Wants To Do in the New Year!

Top Aesthetic Trends for 2020. Here’s What Everyone Wants To Do in the New Year! 


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From Vampire Facials to Kylie Jenner lips, if you are one to follow celebrity beauty trends closely, this one’s for you! 2020, marks an exciting time in the aesthetics industry with more customers choosing to look a certain way. Going to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon is no longer taboo – in fact it’s the one lifestyle aspect, you must invest in! 

From celebrity influences and evolving definitions of beauty, these are the aesthetic trends you can look forward to in the new year. Join in or be left out!  

The Happy Face


While last year was all about fixing the resting bi*** face, 2020 makes way for smiles all around. With uber-happy Kate Middleton to blame, this aesthetic trend means you will see more people asking for fillers to turn up a droopy smile. Botox or dermal fillers can help achieve the ‘Happy Face’ quite easily. Along with giving the wearer a cheery disposition, this change to facial expressions also provides a more youthful look. Happy and young – who wouldn’t love some of that!

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Botox is increasingly making way for microdosing. This means people are opting for lower doses of the same life enhancing drug to avoid scary, over the top changes and attain subtle beauty. 

Gone are the days when everyone wanted rapid, obvious changes to their appearance, microdosing is all about ‘not growing old’ gracefully. Also called Baby Botox, Micro-Botox is an injectable technique where micro quantities of BOTOX are used to make minimal changes such as tighter pores, minimize oil production or provide a natural looking reduction of lines.


Less is More, for Both Lips and Breasts


Gone are the days of enhancing our lips well beyond recognition. Fuller, plumped out lips are still very much a coveted item, but over-the-top fillers have had their day. The new year will bring more customers opting for subtle fillers, that are just enough to enhance their look. 

The same applies to breast augmentation – fuller, big boobs are a thing of the past (sorry gentlemen!). More and more women are becoming aware of their bodies and re-defining what beauty stands for. We will see women of this new decade indulge in changes they want and not just for affirmation from men. Less is more, is indeed the mantra here!

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Knee Lifts



Non surgical face lifts will continue to be the rage this year, but there is a consistent movement to using lifting treatments for the rest of the body too. Knee lifts are becoming the area of choice for thread lifts – giving everyone a chance at super model legs. With more and more celebrities opting for this unique treatment, it won’t be long before non surgical knee lifts reach our sunny shores too!

 Filtered Faces



What if there was a way to actually filter your face offline? The filtered or smoothened-out face will be popular off Instagram too with millenials actively choosing fillers, botox, lifting and face sculpting amongst other non-invasive measures to get there. Tweakments, will be a common word used across aesthetic clinics, where small injectables will be administered in a short period of time to give maximum results. If there were ever a year to invest in your face – 2020 it is!

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