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The secret to younger skin


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Everyone wants to look younger or at least retain some semblance of their youthful looks. Youthfulness signals good health, vitality and attractiveness for many. But what exactly are the traits of youthful skin? And more importantly, is there still hope to turn back the clock even after you’ve blown out 40 candles on your last birthday cake?

Essentially, youthful skin has these three qualities, according to Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director and founder of SW1 Clinic.

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By moisture, we mean that the skin is not dry. Youthful skin cells are generally plump and retain water well, so there aren’t signs of cracking or flaking, or dry spots on the skin. As a person ages, he naturally loses some of this natural moisture, making skin feel rough and papery. Even worse, the skin begins to overproduce natural oils, leading to breakouts, adult onset acne, and other adverse skin conditions.


When you look at a child’s skin, its milky texture are sure signs of its youthfulness; it is firm, plump and wrinkle-free. It heals quickly and with minimal scarring.

When one ages, his / her skin loses elastin, a naturally producing protein that allows skin to stretch and bounce back without forming wrinkles. As you can imagine, without elastin, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Other signs of old and damaged skin include age spots, skin tags, and enlarged pores.

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Youthful skin is plump, caused by a thin layer of underlying adipose tissue that rounds the features. As a person ages, his / her skin loses collagen which is the protein that keeps skin firm and plump. This results in skin to appear saggy or with deep folds and skeletal features like cheek bones to become more pronounced. Cheeks may even take on a sunken appearance.

If you haven’t already noticed the trend, the opposite of youthful skin is aged, damaged skin. A treatment that has been gaining popularity for its ability to treat the root of aging, ie your DNA, is Youth Savant that uses PDRN or Polydexoyribonucleotide as its main key ingredient. This magical ingredient is derived from a controlled purification and sterilization process of Oncorhynchus mykiss (Salmon Trout) or Oncorhynchus keta (Chum Salmon) sperm DNA.

By treating damaged cells at its root, PDRN has a rejuvenative and anti-ageing effect on the patients. Skin appears brighter and more luminous with fine lines and wrinkles diminished. This is a treatment that should only be performed by a licensed doctor as it involves administering a series of small microinjections to deliver the target actives to the surface of the skin. Pin pricks are to be expected from the procedure but they will go away after a few days. Very rarely will mild bruising occur in parts but these can be covered with makeup and will not hinder you from resuming regular activities.

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