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Supercharged Lasers Now Exists


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If 2017 was the year of resurfacing lasers, 2018 is destined to be all about multi-tasking lasers. Gone are the days when women visit their derm’s office to treat a single problem, nowadays it is all about troubleshooting a handful of skin woes at one go! And if you can throw in some skin rejuvenation and glow, why not?

Here are some of the best muti-tasking laser devices we predict will take the spotlight this year.

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BB Aquatouch aka The Baby Skin Maker

Touted as the “photoshop laser” for its effect to create ‘filter-enhanced’ skin— smoother, clearer, more refined, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what this laser does. But what we do know is that we love the results! Makeup glides on better, and some advocates even say this laser gives them the confidence to go out barefaced! Imagine what a Instagram filter does to your photos this laser does the same for our complexions.

Available in single sessions or as part of Baby Skin Program.

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“Our patients have come to rely on our advanced technologies providing the best benefits.” says Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic.


Light Lift aka The Laser Lift

Luxe Lift program ensures your skin does not look your age

I know what you are thinking—  not another skin firming laser. That’s where you are wrong. You will be foolish to pass this one over when you find out it is the brainchild of Cutera, market leader in laser tech. This laser comes with a temperature sensor so it can detect the exact temperature of your skin when the laser beam strikes, thereby almost guaranteeing that no skin is left un-lifted in the process. Besides its lifting properties, light lift also minimizes pores and treats unwanted pigment. The fact that the treatment is not done ‘blind’ like other lasers mean that patients who have undergone this almost always sing its praises. Best of all? This no-downtime laser challenges the notion of ‘no pain no gain’ with its painless delivery. Can be done even without numbing cream, according to our tester Kyla.

Available in single sessions or as part of Luxe Lift Program.

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Exilis Lift aka Clearly Toned

Imagine a therapy that lifts while clearing up complexion… that’s exactly what Divine Uplift’s Exilis technology does

This cutting edge RF device jumpstarts collagen production, smooths out minimal wrinkles and lightens up scars. Gentle to be done without numbing cream, this treatment can be done as part of a facial, like in SW1’s Divine Uplift facial. But what really gets us excited is that Exilis also does double-duty treating acne. With the increase in adult acne, this treatment clearly hits the spot in two major categories— pimples and sagging. No wonder this is the treatment du jour for most savvy executives looking for max benefits in the shortest time.

“Our patients have come to rely on our advanced technologies providing the best benefits.” says Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic. “The other reason why we are all excited about these new technologies is that they are compatible with all skin types and leaves almost no downtime. A perfect fit for the working mom, or time-constrained model”.

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