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How To Deal With Your Post-COVID Hair Loss?


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Did you know that hair loss is a common post-COVID symptom?

You may have heard or experienced side effects of COVID-19 such as loss of taste, smell and brain fog. But, if you have been wondering why your hair is falling out in clumps, it may also be a result of your COVID infection.

How To Deal With Your Post-COVID Hair Loss?

Since the start of the global pandemic, an evolving body of literature has associated COVID-19 with hair, nail and skin complaints. Hair growth disorders, in particular, have been on the rise. Slowly, people all around the world are beginning to realise a connection between the disease and disruption in the natural hair cycle.

From Google showing ‘hair loss’ as a key search term to an increasing number of cases associated with hair fall after COVID-19, there is certainly relevance to why the pandemic has affected your crown of glory.

The connection between pattern hair loss and COVID-19

It is quite likely that the pathogenetic aspects of COVID-19 or its subsequent psychiatric complications lead to the aggravation of hair loss. Studies have shown the prevalence of pattern hair loss in patients with COVID-19 and an increased severity for those that were hospitalised.

The consequences post-infection also show an increase in diffuse alopecia; another term for hair loss. A large study of survivors in China showed alopecia as the most common complaint, three to four months post-discharge.

Stress is a real consideration for post-COVID hair loss

We all know that hair loss can be triggered by several factors. This could range from infection, childbirth, medications, Thyroid, and menopause to emotional stress.

And when we talk about stress generated from the pandemic, most of us felt the pressure! Even the World Health Organization, reported an elevation in the rates of stress and anxiety worldwide. Whether this was down to the disease and its risks, or the economic insecurity and lifestyle changes around it, the psychological burden of COVID was very real and continuous to date.

On the scalp, stress can strongly promote premature hair loss by shedding more hair than normal (Telogen state). It is no surprise then that COVID could trigger stress-related hair loss on your scalp too!

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P is for Proteoglycans, vital proteins that help with hair growth

To support your hair post-COVID, it is essential to understand your hair growth cycle.

Hair growth occurs in cycles and at any given time, 90-95% of the hair follicles are actively growing, while 5-10% are in the resting or falling phase.

A stressful event can disrupt this normal growth cycle and lead to hair thinning and hair loss.

This is caused by factors that deplete key proteoglycans or proteins that play an important role in the regulation of hair growth. Their depletion affects your hair growth cycle directly!

Over time, it can lead to Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy (PFA), where the hair follicle cannot produce sufficient proteoglycans. In layman’s terms, it means more of your hair goes into the resting or shedding phase while fewer hair follicles enter the growth phase.

Results include weaker hair, less hair growth and an overall visible hair loss!

How To Deal With Your Post-COVID Hair Loss?

What can you do to manage post-COVID hair loss? 

While hair loss can be an emotionally stressful experience, the good news is that most cases of post-COVID hair loss are temporary. Eat well, exercise often and take care of yourself, more than ever. You may still need help with the quality of hair, and subsequent hair growth. This is where a novel therapeutic method for diffuse hair loss in men and women proteoglycan replacement therapy (PRT) comes in.

PRT uses oral supplements that contain a selected complex of marine proteoglycans(such as Marilex®), which can reach hair-specific proteoglycans that have documented hair growth stimulating effects.

Ask your doctor for Nourkin Hair Growth+ inCLINIC oral tablets, which have the essential proteoglycans needed in the hair to help regrow the hair and lengthen the hair growth cycle.

When it comes to stress, Nourkrin® Hair Growth+ inCLINIC with Marilex-P ® can be used to treat acute hair loss triggered by COVID-19 or its psychological consequences. Its dual therapeutic activity has the potential to prevent the progression of hair loss and help accelerate hair regrowth in COVID-19 survivors.

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Why Nourkin Hair Growth+ inCLINIC?

Now that you have understood how COVID can affect your hair and lead to hair loss, you may be wondering why we recommend the use of ​​Nourkin Hair Growth+ inCLINIC.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC comes with a unique Marilex-P ® formula that is scientifically formulated to help maintain a normal hair growth cycle and support normal hair growth, which helps to support normal healthy hair growth.

Based on more than 56 scientific studies and clinical papers published in leading peer review journals, it is also recommended by dermatologists, scientists and aestheticians around the world.

Furthermore, Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is the only product worldwide containing Marilex-P®. Marilex-P® (fractionated fish extract with specific lectican proteoglycans) is made with the highest quality raw materials and is accepted by health authorities on all continents of the globe including the FDA and European Food Safety Authority.

Finally, and of utmost importance is that Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is 100% drug-free. After struggling with COVID-19 and its subsequent side effects, you would ideally like to steer clear of drugs that could cause further damage.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is entirely based on drug-free ingredients which are evaluated as safe by the food and drug authorities globally. There have been no known side effects in the more than 20+ years since its availability. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC has been granted the World Trichology Society’s Gold Seal for its 30 years of continuous and ongoing research and development in the realm of hair loss and regrowth.

We hope this information helped with your concerns around hair loss post-COVID? For more information on hair loss or to find out more about Hair Growth+ inCLINIC, contact SW1 Clinic at or WhatsApp 8283 6968.

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