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7 easy steps for a smaller waist


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It’s not something you’d notice all the time but it seems overnight your belly is not as taut, firm and tiny as it once was. It might even appear misshapen, lumpy, and not very attractive. Before resigning yourself to the idea of having a permanent plate / tray / cup holder (geddit?), here are some easy steps to achieving a smaller waist.

7 ways to get a smaller waist

#1 Understand your body

This is first and foremost. Understanding your body type and how easy or difficult it is for you to lose weight will help you set realistic goals for yourself. This will affect the amount of time you should set aside for yourself to getting a smaller waist. When the going gets tough, remember to hang in there and stay positive.

#2 Change your diet

Exercises aside, you are what you eat. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. They are mostly rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber and minerals and low in calories making them perfect for your diet and weight loss journey.

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#3 Drink water. Lots of it.

Drinking 2-3 litres of water daily is considered adequate and vital for weight loss as it helps to flush out toxins and boost cell function. But if you tend to perspire a lot or work out or even live in a hot climate, drink more than the recommended amount.

When your body is well hydrated, it’s less likely that your body will confuse thirst with hunger, ie limiting your tendency to overeat.

#4 Work it!

There’s no other to do this but if you want to use up the calories you’ve consumed in addition to stored calories then you need to exercise. Even walking is considered exercise and it’s so simple, there’s really no excuse for not taking it up.

3-5 hours a week set aside for exercising is recommended. For an added toned and fit body, include strength training and HIIT to your workout routine.

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#5 Work on your upper body

Exercises that target your upper back, shoulders, and chest can help to build lean muscle mass and make your upper body look toned. A toned upper body will give the appearance of a smaller waist!

#6 Dress to impress

Invest in clothes that help to give the appearance of a smaller waist. Think peplum tops, belts cinched at the waist, high waisted jeans (low riders are so yesterday) or even colour blocking and work them to your advantage to enhance your hourglass figure.

#7 A sprinkle of Magic

Not so much fairy dust but more like a session of Onda Body Magic at SW1 Clinic. Sculpt your body to perfection with this non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment using patented CoolShape™ technology. Melt and dissolve stubborn fat pockets that not only reduces fat, it also tightens skin for a slimmer silhouette.

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