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Your face is your fortune. Here’s how to make your fortune better


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Your face is your fortune
In the past, it’s not uncommon for grandmothers to search for signs in their own children and even potential in-laws on whether one has a lucky face or not, and in turn bring good luck to the family. Face-reading has always fascinated us; who wouldn’t want a glimpse into their future and see what it could hold for them.

As we’re close approaching the Lunar new year, we delve into the nine clear indications of wealth luck shared by Lilian Too. Who knows, maybe a tweak here or a nudge there on our faces could lead us down the path of prosperity and good luck.

1st wealth spot: Symmetry
According to the Chinese, a symmetrical face is a sign of a wealthy face. When the symmetry is properly indicated will there then be a good balance which in turn lead to things going smoothly for you. On the contrary, when the face does not have this symmetry or balance, it is believed that a difficult life lies ahead.

By referring to the central axis of the face, you can see if the face is balanced or not. Only balanced faces are deemed to be lucky, so the next time you are selecting your hair style, you might want to avoid one that would upset the all-important balance on the 2 sides of the face.

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2nd wealth spot: High forehead
One of the highly reliable indicator of wealth is a high and rounded forehead. A person with such a forehead is also believed to experience wealth early on in his life. The forehead signifies luck sent from heaven and an ideal one should be gently curved, round, high and even slightly protruding. Such a forehead suggests not just wealth but authority and great power as well; it is likely that you command respect and possess the charisma of authority.

A perfect forehead is rare but as long as it looks prominent and wide, then genuine good fortune follows. High foreheads also tend to suggest high intelligence and an ability to think quickly on your feet.

It is therefore important that you look after your forehead, keeping it clear of blemishes and pimples. Do what you can to ensure a smooth and unlined forehead, as this correlates to good fortune, even if this means using cosmetics or treating your skin to improve the look of it.

Black moles are considered unlucky and should be removed if possible.

3rd wealth spot: Large nose
The size of a person’s nose is the best known measure of a person’s potential to get rich, and men who possess a fleshy nosy is a great favourite with old aunts and grandmothers. The Chinese have always regarded a big nose favourably. In fact, this indicator of wealth is said to be more reliable on a woman’s face than on a man’s face; the rounder, higher and larger the nose is, the better, and more so on a woman as this is said to bring great wealth to any man she marries.

It’s best not to cut or alter your nose but if you do feel you need to improve the look of your nose, try using cosmetics to make the top of the nose appear clear, bright and luminous, and keeping it spot and blemish-free. Also, there should be no hair, patchy colouring, spots or moles on the nose. Spots suggest blockages to your money luck and if the bridge of your nose is high, clear and luminous, this suggests a life of affluence and comfort.

4th wealth spot: Pearl lip
This refers to the little pearl-like protrusion on the top of your lips which indicates effortless good fortune. It is believed that wealth luck is often with such people from birth. Since the pearl is regarded as a gemstone to the Chinese, this feature also suggests class and prestige. When a newborn is seen to have this prominent feature, it is assumed that this child will grow into a very lucky adult.

This feature is highly valued on the face of a woman – especially on prospective daughters-in-law, as they are believed to bring good fortune luck to their husbands. The “pearl lip” also suggests that the person possesses the power of speech.

5th wealth spot: Lotus mouth
Regardless of the size, the mouth needs be kept relatively moist as it’s another indicator of money luck. The mouth should never appear dry as this indicates that the wealth luck is drying up.

Moles around the mouth are thought to enhance the good luck of the mouth as long as they are not black. If one has small red moles around the mouth, this is an indication that he / she will never lack for food.

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6th wealth spot: Strong chin

A strong chin is believed to provide a strong base for the face. It is also believed this is where the wealth of the individual is stored; and to be suggestive of a person who can accumulate asset wealth, the jaw line must be prominent.

An auspicious chin is one that is slightly protruding, quite fleshy and looks like a “mountain”. One that is prominent also suggests a long and fruitful life.

7th wealth spot: Bright eyes

Your eyes indicate good fortune when they shine and always has a steady gaze. Regardless of the shape, size or colouring of your eyes, it is important that your inner vitality shines through.

A set of bright eyes paired with arched eyebrows is an indication of good health and prosperity. Eyebrows must never be overly plucked or shaved; in fact, no face must lack eyebrows! It is believed that without eyebrows, one will not be able to succeed at anything.

If you notice one eye being smaller than the other, use the likes of cosmetics or even certain procedures to correct the imbalance. As mentioned in the beginning, symmetry suggests good fortune. Double eyelids may be deemed more attractive but what’s more important in face reading is the shine and luminosity of the eyes themselves.

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8th wealth spot: Plump cheekbones

Cheekbones should always have flesh and should never look bony. When cheekbones look good enough to pinch, that’s when they are deemed the luckiest. The colour of the cheekbones is also important; pink and luminous cheekbones are indicators of good fortune. On the contrary, cheekbones that appear sallow and dry suggest a loss of vitality.

9th wealth spot: Prominent ears
It is believed when your ears are well formed and proportionate, they indicate good fortune and wisdom. In general, the Chinese have a preference for long ears, as they remind them of Buddha’s own ears. Long, well-defined ears that are not overly fleshy are a sign of class and prominence.

It is believed when you take good care of the physical face, the psyche benefits too, just like how you attract good energy with a smooth, unblemished and symmetrical face.

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