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The Battle Against The Bulge: To Detox Or To Cleanse?

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To make a decision to go through a detox or a cleanse is akin to being in between a rock and a hard place. Both of them seem to come with glowing reviews, with better health being the common result.

But if we were to get specific and to only choose one or the other with weight loss being the main goal in mind, which process will help you to reach the goal in a shorter period of time?

Let us step into the office of Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic, and understand detoxification and cleansing through the eyes of a professional.

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Dr Low Chai Ling helps us understand the difference between a detox and a cleanse

What’s The Difference Between A Detox And A Cleanse?

Dr Low:

To better understand what works for you, learning what each process brings to the table is vital.

A cleanse or a cleanse diet is a nutrient-centric, low carb and low fat diet that focuses on ridding the digestive tract of toxins that might be harmful to your body.

You can choose between a regular, solid-diet cleanse, or a liquid-based one, in the form of juices or even water, but the end game remains the same; going through a cleanse will improve your digestion, improve your overall health, and combat pesky issues like constipation.

A detox, in comparison to a cleanse, is acutely aimed at improving the health of two main organs in our body: the liver and the kidneys. A detox can be done in a variety of ways, in the form of teas, smoothies, juices, and solid diets.

Going through a detox helps to improve the efficiency of the two organs in expunging the harmful stuff that might build up in excess in our bodies.

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Who Wins The War Against Weight?

Dr Low:

There is one pattern that I’ve noticed about the majority of people trying to lose weight. The bulk of the practitioners of detox and cleanse diets usually do one or the other, often with minimal results over a lengthy period of time. Often uninspired by the result, detox dieters will attempt to switch to a cleanse diet and vice-versa, hoping for more prominent results.

They would have already taken twice the amount of time to lose a fraction of the weight. No one is exactly winning here!

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Detoxification and cleansing diets are equally important, and co-dependent on each other in your quest to drop the pounds.

What Does This Mean Then?

Dr Low:

The truth is, both detoxification and cleansing diets are equally important, and co-dependent on each other in your quest to drop the pounds.

The lethal one-two punch of a detox and cleanse diet will ensure a seamless exodus of all the poison that doesn’t belong in your system, while ensuring that your body is loaded with enough nutrients to boost your metabolism, in turn accelerating your body’s ability to burn fat.

While this might sound like a salivating prospect for all who intend to lose weight, most will agree to a certain extent that these detox and cleanse diets are not exactly palatable or pleasant.

Eating clean may not be everyone’s plate of lettuce. A low carb diet might be a drastic change from your normally high sugar intake and shock your body into fatigue. A plate of greens and reds, but red tomatoes now take the place of your favorite red meat. Intermittent fasting is not exactly enjoyable, when everyone is eating around you and no amount of inhalation satiates your hunger.

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That Is True. Losing Weight Seems Like Quite The Chore!

Dr Low:

Now before your interest in losing weight starts to wane because of all the obstacles I have pointed out, I’m pleased to have you know that there is a “cheat” you can use to lose the weight, but not your appetite. Two cheats, to be exact!

Sw1’s Purification 1-Day Cleanse Herbal Dietary Supplement is a godsent, for all who want to scale down, but still want to upkeep their lifestyle. This product not only revitalizes your key detoxification pathways, it also boasts numerous nourishing herbs that boosts toxin elimination, along with blood cleansing and immunity strengthening qualities. All of that goodness, with none of the sacrifice. No dietary or lifestyle changes are required!

Pair your 1-Day Cleanse Supplement with the Daily Cleanse Dietary Supplement, a potent digestion-boosting bowel regulator with 17 all natural ingredients. No entry to chemicals, only the way out. Containing cleansing and bulking agents primed to support the liver and kidneys in removing toxins from your body, this product also helps to remove gas, bloating and digestion-related ailments.

And there you have it…two birds, one stone! Make your weight loss journey pleasant, and well-travelled.

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