Myths and facts about these popular aesthetic treatments


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While aesthetic procedures are gaining popularity in many parts of the world, many may still have doubts about its efficacy and suitability for giving one a natural appearance. In this article, we’re addressing some of the common myths about these popular aesthetic treatments and backing them up with facts from certified doctors.

Myths and facts about these popular aesthetic treatments

Myth#1 Botox will leave your face frozen and unable to make expressions

It is true that Botox works by paralysing muscles which in turn reduces facial wrinkles but it certainly does not result in a frozen face or the inability to make facial expressions. The end result of Botox ultimately depends on the experience and skill of the doctor and the amount of Botox injected. An experienced doctor will not only ensure appropriate amounts be used, he / she will also ensure your facial expressions won’t be compromised, with results that are natural and lasting around six months.

Myth#2 Lip fillers will give you exaggerated lips

From the many social media posts that show young girls with overly pouty and thick lips, it’s understandable why one would assume that it’s a result of lip fillers and that it must be the case that all lip fillers will create this result. Again, it all depends on the doctor who performs this procedure for you and how much of the filler is being used. A well-executed lip filler procedure should enhance the natural appearance, firmness and beauty of the lips while correcting any asymmetries.

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Myth#3 Aesthetic treatments are only for old people

When it comes to aesthetic procedures, there is a wide-ranging list of options available to anyone and everyone, from hair loss, cellulite reduction, treating acne scars to improving the look of your eyebags. These are common concerns faced by younger individuals too who may seek treatments simply to restore their self-confidence.

Myth#4 Aesthetic treatments can be done even in beauty spas

When it comes to aesthetic procedures, they must always be performed by a doctor, and when choosing a clinic, you should not be biased towards low pricing. If the price is too good to be true, you should thoroughly question the legitimacy of the clinic and the person doing the treatment for you. You only have one face – be sure to find someone you can trust to do the right job for you.

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