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The top 3 Best Beauty Upgrades of 2018


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New Innovations that are totally worth the upgrade.

When it comes to beauty products, new innovations come out faster than we can say “iphone X”. But do the new upgrades actually deliver better results as promised? Ellisa, our resident beauty tester put 3 beauty innovations for 2018 to the test and found surprising answers.


Hair Upgrade

What is it: Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer

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Dyson is a leading British technology company that broke into the beauty market with a pioneering hair dryer. The Supersonic Hair Dryer uses a brushless digital motor and intelligent heat control for fast, easy styling. To achieve beautiful results in less time, the drier measures the out-flowing air temperature 20 times per second to prevent extreme heat damage and protect natural shine.

Tester’s verdict : At first glance, this looks like any normal hairdryer, but once you start plugging in the different heads, you will find that they are held by magnets.Wow! Turn it on, and you are literally blown away by the sound, or the lack there of. I can literally have a conversation with my boyfriend while drying my hair which I can’t before. The real selling point however is the fact that my hair looked gleaming and shining after, unlike the usual slightly frizzy overdried look it has. I am a convert as this is a healthier (and quieter) way to treat my tresses daily.

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Skin Upgrade

What is it: Quattro Toning

Quattro Toning offers a more intelligent way to take your complexion to the next level.


Older clinics and therapists that offer the traditional laser toning uses the older laser models such as the Q-switched ND:YAG laser. Quattro Toning uses Pico laser which is the world’s quickest laser system. Using not one but 4 laser modes, it delivers in one sitting a unique quadruple effect on your skin. Experience improvement in pores, pigment and overall skin texture and quality.

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Tester’s verdict: My old thinking of using an inferior (read: cheaper) laser multiple times to achieve the effect of one good laser treatment was completely disproved one session into my Quattro Toning treatment at SW1 Clinic. Not only was my skin so much better in terms of pores and skin tone, I did not have to contend with the side effects of hypopigmentation. In fact, the time (and money) saved after embarking on Quattro Toning garnered me so many compliments for my complexion that there’s really no turning back for me. I don’t see how anyone can shortchange their skins by trying to cut corners. This is a lesson I learned the hard way after trying a genuine skin toning laser and seeing the visible different compared to an inferior one which did nothing but merely heat the skin surface.

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Mask Upgrade

What is it: Magnetic Masks

Magnetic masks uses a mineral called magnetite which sinks into your pores, attracting dirt and debris. This masks is then removed using a magnet hovered over the skin surface. This innovative type of mask therapy is touted to help purge and detox pores more deeply than traditional masks.

Tester’s verdict: I’ve got to admit I was skeptical about masks. After all, what difference can a tub of product do? I was also worried that anything that was deep cleansing would be too drying for my skin. But from the word go, the magnetic mask I tested Opposites Attract was easy and fun to use. It felt creamy, not harsh or drying on the skin like some of the lay masks which was a pleasant surprise. Upon removal, it was an absolute delight watching the mask being magnetized and pulled away from the skin to the magnet. My skin definitely felt cleaner and my pores clearer. The best part was that the mask has natural ceramides and oils which nourished my skin while it detoxed, so my skin was left soft and supple, not dehydrated and dry after. This definitely felt like it did more for my skin than the traditional clay masks! Worth it!

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