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Pro Bono Aesthetics

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The Cause

Pro Bono Aesthetics by SW1 Clinic is dedicated to helping the less fortunate locally and regionally by providing free treatments for disfiguring and urgent skin concerns to patients who are unable to afford basic aesthetic care.

Pro Bono Aesthetics relies on the goodwill of the doctors and staff of SW1 clinic who dedicate their time after office hours, on weekends and public holidays to help the less fortunate with disfiguring aesthetic concerns.

Pro Bono Aesthetics will enable young children and adults to regain some self-confidence in themselves, to live their lives to the fullest thereafter, and to become mentors for the future generations to come.

To qualify for this program, you will need to have:

1. a disfiguring skin concern that is treatable without the need for surgery

2. if you are working, you need to belong to a low income group

As we receive many enquiries with regards to pro-bono work and not all conditions are amenable to treatments, we will need to pre-select all patients to see:

– if they qualify for treatments.

– if their condition is something that we can treat.

As this clinic is only run on the doctors’ and staff free time after hours, please wait 2 weeks for a response from us.

Conditions that may qualify:

1. disfiguring birthmarks, moles

2. disfiguring tattoos

3. disfiguring scars

4. disfiguring pigmentation

We do not treat acne, wrinkles, weight loss and other less disfiguring aesthetic concerns in this pro bono clinic for the moment.