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Most Wanted


Do you wish to be done with applying filters and editing away skin imperfections in photos? Going #barefaced and #nofilter is liberating and Meitu BB AquaTouch Laser is the beauty fix that’s going to grant youan instant brighter “photoshop” airbrush effect irl.

In several flashes, all types of pigmentation – melasma, aged spots and photo damaged skin – can be eliminated. Dull and uneven complexion, enlarged pores, fine lines and acne scars tag along the journey of no return too.

What sets BB AquaTouch Laser apart is its use of advanced 1927nm Thulium laser which is sub-ablative and do not char and vapourise the surface skin, minimizing infection and downtime while increasing effectiveness.

Even if you have sensitive skin, you have zero worry for any side effect as the duration and pulse repetition of this superficial laser can be easily adjusted to suit different skin types.

Recommended Treatment: Aesthetic skin treatment programs. Although a total of 6 sessions will be recommended for optimal improvement of pigmentation, most people see improvement 1-2 weeks after the first or second treatment. Try Baby Skin Program; a skin-saver program designed around this impressive laser for unparalleled results.

Periodic maintenance treatment may be required as advised by doctor.


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