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A ‘lunchtime facelift’ without surgery? Now it is possible with SW1 Clinic’s Trinity Facelift Program This non-invasive yet potent youth reviver pairs two age-defying innovations for those serious about turning back the ageing clock.

Best Seller Trinity Facelift

This holistic program delivers the ultimate uplifting experience with no downtime as it pairs two FDA-approved therapies, Ulthera® and Thermage® CPT, to provide a three-dimensional rejuvenation of the skin.

By targeting the skin’s deeper layers as well as the superficial layers for intense lifting and optimal youth-enhancing results, it delivers beneficial effects that include tightening loose jowls, firming of the jawline, softening of the wrinkles and lifting of tired skin leading to a more rejuvenated and sculpted facial appearance. You will look years younger but no one will be able to tell what you’ve had done.

Melawan Gravitasi

The Ulthera® treatment utilises microfocused ultrasound energy aimed at the deeper layers of collagen to give skin a deep and intense lift. Thermage® CPT, on the other hand, uses radiofrequency waves that penetrate into the top layers of the skin to stimulate your body’s natural renewal of collagen, resulting in skin tightening and contouring.

Deemed safe for all skin types, visible benefits may be apparent immediately after the treatment. With ongoing treatment, you will notice smoother and tighter skin, improved skin texture and rejuvenated facial contours.

“Trinity Facelift Program is the ‘jewel’ of all non-invasive face lifting programs as it addresses all the visible signs of ageing in a scientific manner. My patients particularly love the improvements in their double chin and enhanced definition of their jawlines after undergoing this program.” – Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director of SW1 Clinic.

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