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Refresh & Refine Program

The ultimate gentle laser procedure to tighten pores and firm up your skin. Quattro Toning stimulates your skin’s deepest layers to produce new, strong and elastic collagen fibers to replace the older, stretched skin fibers while Sygma Lift / Skintight IR works to tone and tighten stressed, sapped skin.

Skin looks younger and finer with treatment. For lineless, poreless and ageless skin, embark on our Refresh & Refine Program today.

Program Price:


Program Treatments:

6 sessions Quattro Toning + 3 Sygma Lift / Skintight IR + 3-time Plasma C Boost + 3 Toning Facial Wraps

Program Details:

[+] Quattro Toning [+] Sygma Lift [+] Skintight IR [+] Plasma C Boost



*Results may vary according to individuals.