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Purity Program

For those fighting a serious battle with stubborn and severe acne, our Purity Program’s most advanced pulsed dye laser – ChromaLase and Acne Clear BBL – unite to clear troubled complexions! Together with ultrasonic deep cleansing and I-Clear, this skin purification regime gives fast and furious refining and clarification doubled with skin tightening and firming effects, without redness or flaking.

A side benefit of these skin clearing lasers is the positive impact on moderate acne scars and fine lines in the long run due to their collagen and elastin boosting capacity. Also included are Ultrasonic deep cleansing sessions to purge clogged pores and soothing facial wraps to calm irritated skins.

Program Price:


Program Treatments:

3 sessions ChromaLase + 3 sessions Acne Clear BBL + 3 sessions I-Clear + 3 sessions Ultrasonic deep cleansing + 6-time Clarifying Facial Wraps

Program Details:

[+] ChromaLase [+] Acne Clear BBL [+] I-Clear [+] Ultrasonic deep cleansing



eliminate my acne scars 

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