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Full Potential Program

If you find your hair letting you down, it’s time to invest in improving your scalp health to create an optimized environment to promote enduring strength, growth, and beauty of hair. The revolutionary Kera-Clone therapy which helps to turnaround while weakened scalp and roots while Revage670 lights help speed up the rejuvenation process. Together, these two hair powerhouses form the backbone of the Full Potential Program making it the hair rejuvenation system of choice for those who won’t settle for anything less than absolute stunning. It is recommended for all hair types, and is the support of choice for those wanting thicker and fuller hair.

Program Price:


Program Treatments:

2 sessions Kera-clone + 6 sessions of Revage670

Program Details:

[+] Kera-clone [+] Revage 670



i want lusher, thicker hair 

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*Results may vary according to individuals.