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Facial Filler Beautification

As one ages, one of the first signs of aging is the loss of youthful volume on our faces as facial fat pads shrink in size over time. This leads to a descent of facial structures, skin sagging and ultimately, the loss of definition of our jawline. This can start as early as in our 20s. New age fillers do not only address this volume loss but can address the weakening of the foundational supports, loss of contour and definition of the face, change in facial proportions and shape as well as other tell-tale signs of aging such as facial lines, wrinkles and sunken hollows. It is not true that facial fillers are only used to volumize the face. In fact, the myriad of benefits are beautifully captured in our Facial Filler Beautification program, specially tailored for the woman who wants not only to optimize her youth but up her beauty factor sans surgery using the latest liquid lift techniques.

Facial Filler Beautification is customised to suit every face and needs. It’s a tailored full-face filler program that addresses these signs of aging, through a series of fillers sessions to bring out the beauty potential of your face. The program starts with foundational fillers to improve the support of the skin’s structure as well as lifting fillers which gives a ‘facelift’ effect without the need for surgery. Our doctor will then address other aesthetic concerns on your face through a series of contouring and beautification fillers before refining the overall outlook with refinement fillers.

How aging changes your face

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As you transition from a teenager into an adult, you start to lose your baby fat. This is also when the first signs of ageing start, with fine lines making its first appearance. Still retaining an overall youthful appearance, this is the period where skin appears lacklustre. More lines appear between your brows and laugh lines are also more prominent. Lines start to form around your upper lip and even less forgiving for those who smoke. Even more lines appear around your eyes and forehead, while laugh lines deepen. How well you’ve taken care of your skin before will impact the way your skin looks now. If you had minimal sun exposure and have been diligent with sun care, your skin will be reaping the benefits and looking good in its glory days. If not, you will see the cumulative effects of sun damage and aging with a deepening of lines and wrinkles as collagen and elastic fiber break down.

What makes for an attractive face

Although this question may seem ever elusive, many doctors and even scientists have relied on the Golden Ratio that has been theorised to be the proportion deemed to be the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This geometric proportion of approximately 1:1.6 would imply an attractive person’s face would be about 1.5 times longer than it is wide, among other facial features to be taken into consideration.

With this proportion in mind, our doctors map out and measure each patient’s facial features in order to determine the appropriate amounts of fillers needed to not only reverse the signs of aging but to also create a more attractive appearance for one’s face.

As with all fillers, results are not permanent but are long lasting and may last between 18 – 24 months.

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