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Youth Savant

Key benefits:

  • Repairs aging DNA
  • Improves skin health & promotes skin healing
  • Brightens complexion
  • Anti-aging effect

Procedure details:

  • 30 minute microinjections by skilled doctor
  • 1 day downtime

Youth Savant is so named because it is an exceptional anti-aging treatment tool in the field of anti-aging. It does not address the symptoms of aging like most anti-aging modalities on the market today. Rather, its key strength lies in targeting the root cause of aging — your DNA.

Youth Savant’s main key ingredient is PDRN or Polydexoyribonucleotide with molecular weights ranging between 50 and 1,500 KDa, derived from a controlled purification and sterilization process of Oncorhynchus mykiss (Salmon Trout) or Oncorhynchus keta (Chum Salmon) sperm DNA. This procedure guarantees the absence of active protein and peptides that may cause immune reactions, rendering Youth Savant treatment safe and efficacious.


In vitro and in vivo experiments have shown that PDRN engages adenosine A2A receptors, triggering the so called ‘salvage pathway’. “Salvage pathways are used to recover (DNA) bases and nucleosides that are formed during degradation of RNA and DNA. This has several important implications for our skin” says Dr Kenneth Lee, medical director of SW1 Clinic.


Protection from UV-induced DNA damage

PDRN protect cells from UV-induced DNA damage. Accumulative exposure to UVB not only results in unwanted pigmentation but also leads to accelerated extrinsic aging processes. Exposure of human dermal fibroblasts to ultraviolet B radiation causes accumulation of dangerous photoproducts such as cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPDS). PDRN addition to the cell culture immediately after irradiation resulted in p53 protein activation and in enhancing DNA repair likely due to the priming of the salvage pathway.


Stem cell proliferation

Youth Savant’s PDRN is able to increase the proliferation of human pre-adipocytes (Raposio et al., 2008). As a matter of fact, adipose tissue represents a relevant source of adult stem cells, thus PDRN may be used for therapeutic and regenerative purposes.


Tissue repair & Wound healing

Youth Savant’s PDRN accelerates the repair and the growth of bone tissue (Guizzardi et al., 2007). In a study, patients with skin grafts were randomized into two groups: the control group received dressings with gauzes embedded in chloramine solution; the other group received the same treatment plus PDRN. The study found that the group that received PDRN demonstrated improved healing of their skin grafts and in addition, the time to complete wound healing (Valdatta et al., 2004) was markedly shortened.



The adenosine A2A receptor activation by PDRN results in a robust anti-inflammatory effect. In a rat model, PRDN was tested in a gel solution applied for 7 days alone or in combination with PDRN. PDRN reduced histological damage, decreased the tissue levels of several inflammatory cytokines and blunted apoptotic protein expression (Bitto et al., 2013). Overall, there was a marked reduction in inflammation of the treated tissues.

The healing efficacy of the drug was also confirmed in a smaller group of patients suffering for pressure ulcers (Kim et al., 2016a). In a further study, a topical application of a gel containing PDRN and hyaluronic acid was compared with a gel containing only hyaluronic acid in patients suffering from venous ulcers of the lower limbs. The endpoint was full skin repair 45 days after the start of treatment. Complete wound healing was obtained in 67% of patients treated with PDRN and hyaluronic acid, while only 22% of patients receiving only hyaluronic acid achieved the therapy target (De Caridi et al., 2016).

Youth Savant Benefits

Studies have shown that PDRN possesses several benefits: tissue repairing, anti-ischemic, and anti-inflammatory that when applied onto the skin can have a rejuvenative and anti-aging effect.


How is Youth Savant administered?

Youth Savant is administered through a series of small microinjections to deliver the target actives to the surface of the skin. At SW1, our therapists will ensure you are comfortable by applying a generous layer of numbing cream to your skin. This is left on for about 10 minutes prior to commencement of your treatment. Our SW1 doctors use specialized fine needles that are specially customized to deliver ingredients to the surface layer of the skin.


Is there any downtime?

Youth Savant is associated with little downtime. Occasionally, it is possible as with all injections to see the presence of pin prick marks which will fade in a few days. Rarely, there may be mild bruising in a few spots. All this can be covered with makeup, and patients can return to normal activities immediately. Should you be concerned with the recovery of any pin pricks or bruising, you can take oral arnica tablets which are available for purchase from our clinic. You can also undergo our anti-bruise Vbeam laser that accelerates the resolution of any marks on your skin. Speak to any of our SW1 staff for more details and they will be pleased to assist in any way possible.


What sort of benefits will I experience?

Youth Savant rejuvenates and restores your skin’s natural resilience. By doing so, it retards the ageing processes that are taking place in your skin right now. Patients who have committed to regular Youth Savant therapies notice a brightening and whitening of the skin tone. Fine lines are also diminished as skin elasticity is restored. Skin is visibly more dewy and luminous.


How often can I undergo Youth Savant?

Depending on your skin condition and your desired outcome, Youth Savant can be done as often as once a month initially (treatment phase). In the later stages as your skin improves, Youth Savant can be done every 6 months (maintenance phase). As everyone have their desired end point, it is best to speak to one of our SW1 doctors who can work hand in hand with you to plan your optimal treatment regime.


Can I do Youth Savant with Botulinum Toxin, fillers or lasers?

Yes, you can do this treatment with botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers. However, depending on your skin, your doctor may advise you stagger these treatments appropriately. Remember that Youth Savant may help with fine lines and wrinkles by its regeneration of the skin. Hence, patients may want to see the effects of this treatment before embarking on another treatment for the same area. Discuss this with your SW1 doctor who will advise you accordingly.