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Hybrid Rhinoplasty

Key benefits:

  • Raise the nose bridge (dorsum)
  • Refines the nasal tip
  • Narrow a wide nose base
  • Creates a smooth and natural nose profile

Procedure details:

  • Performed under local anaesthesia and sedation
  • Incisions are placed within the nostrils and often also across the skin overlying the lower septum (columella)
  • A customized implant is used for the bridge
  • The tip is sculpted using your own ear cartilage
  • 2-3 hours procedure, 1-2 weeks downtime, 6 months to appreciate the final results

Hybrid Rhinoplasty is specially designed to help Asian noses achieve ultimate refinement and proportion. Asian noses tend to have a depressed nose bridge and a short columella. As a result, the nose tips appear flatter. Some Asian noses are short, often causing the nose to upturn and nostrils to be more obvious. Atop all these, Asian noses also present with wide alar or “wings”, making them look broad.

The internal cartilages of the Asian nose are smaller and softer compared to the Caucasian nose. With weaker support, the Asian nose has less internal support, making it flatter.

In Hybrid Rhinoplasty, patient’s ear cartilage is used to create a more beautiful and natural-looking nose tip. The nose bridge is also gently enhanced with the use of a customized implant to elevate and define the nasal structure. Finally, to perfect the 3-dimensional picture, the base of the nose can be reduced with alar revision, so that the nose is optimized to the ideal width and height to suit the face.

Hybrid Rhinoplasty enables one to achieve the following:

  • Naturally Refined Nose tip
  • Narrower nose base
  • Defined nasal bridge
  • Gentle Feminine nasal profile curve for females or
  • Masculine straight profile definition for males

For more information and details, please email plastic@sw1clinic.com  for a no-obligation enquiry.

*Results may vary according to individuals.
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