Dimpleplasty - SW1 Clinic


Key benefits:

  • Creates cheek dimples which appear when smiling

Procedure details:

  • Performed under local anaesthesia and light sedation
  • Dimple creation is done through incisions inside the mouth
  • In the first few weeks, the dimples are present all the time, after which it will appear only when smiling
  • 1 hour procedure, 1 week downtime, 3 months to appreciate the final results

Dimples are desired by many people as they help to brighten a smile and add character. In some cultures, dimples are even considered as sign of good luck and prosperity. Many patients are not aware of the availability of dimple surgery.

The procedure is performed from the inner side of the cheek, with no incision or scar on the skin outside. Immediately after the surgery there is a dimple present even without smiling. After a few days, or sometimes a few weeks, the dimple is present only on smiling or facial movements.

*Results may vary according to individuals.

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