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Double Chin Reduction

Key benefits:

  • Removes under-chin (submental) fat
  • Tightens the submental skin and creates a defined jawline

Procedure details:

  • Performed under sedation
  • Incisions are hidden behind the ears
  • 1 hour procedure, 1-2 weeks downtime, 6 months to appreciate the final results
  • Often performed with chin enhancement to improve the lower facial profile

A double chin (submental fat) often occurs when a layer of fat forms under one’s chin. It is commonly associated with weight gain, although one does not necessarily need to be overweight to present with one. Ageing, resulting in looser skin can also cause a double chin. Some may have saggy necks, also caused by an accumulation of fat which presents beneath the jawbone (mandible).

Double chin can be effectively treated by Vaser liposuction. Vaser liposuction is a step up from traditional liposuction and uses ultrasound to break down the fat deposits before removing them via suction. It works particularly well for small pockets of fat such as double chins.

How to Prepare for Double Chin Reduction

Preparing for a double chin reduction procedure is essential to ensure optimal results and a smooth recovery. By taking the necessary steps to prepare, you can increase the chances of a successful outcome. Here are the steps to follow for a double chin reduction procedure.

Follow pre-procedure instructions:

Your doctor will provide specific pre-procedure instructions to follow. These instructions may include avoiding certain medications that can increase the risk of bleeding, discontinuing smoking or alcohol consumption, and fasting before the procedure if necessary.

Arrange for transportation: 

Depending on the type of double chin reduction procedure you undergo, you may require transportation to and from the clinic on the day of the procedure. Plan and arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you or drive you home after the treatment.

Arrange for post-procedure support: 

After the procedure, you may experience discomfort or require assistance during the initial recovery period. Ensure you have someone available to provide support and help you with daily tasks if needed.

Adjust your schedule:

Plan your schedule accordingly, allowing for sufficient downtime and recovery after the procedure. Depending on the double chin reduction procedure type, you may need to take time off work or avoid strenuous activities for a certain period. Discuss these details with your doctor and plan your schedule accordingly.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Adopt healthier habits, especially before the procedure. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and stay hydrated. These habits promote overall well-being and can contribute to a smoother recovery process.

Communicate openly:

Throughout the preparation phase, maintain open communication with your doctor. Discuss any concerns or questions and ensure you fully understand the procedure, its risks, and expected outcomes.

Questions to ask your doctor:

Q: Which treatment option is most suitable for me?

Everyone is unique, and the best treatment for double chin reduction may vary depending on skin elasticity, fat distribution, and overall health. Your doctor should recommend the most appropriate treatment option for your case.

Q: Can you explain the procedure in detail?

Ask your doctor to walk you through the procedure step-by-step, including how it is performed, the expected duration, and whether anaesthesia or sedation will be used. Understanding the process can help alleviate any concerns or anxieties.

Q: What results can I realistically expect? 

While results may vary for each individual, your doctor should be able to provide you with realistic expectations based on your specific case. Ask about the typical outcomes, the timeline for seeing results, and whether additional sessions or treatments may be necessary.

What is the Vaser Liposuction for double chin like?

The Vaser lipo procedure commences with a special saline solution injection in the ‘double chin’, which works to numb the area to help make it a painless process. This saline solution also restricts nearby blood vessels to help prevent blood flow, while temporarily expanding the area so that it is easier to remove the fat from the double chin.

Following the injection, small incisions are then made in the double chin, in which to insert a small ultrasonic probe. This gives off high frequency energy to shake the fat cells loose and emulsify it to make the fat suitable for removal from the double chin. This fat can then be removed from the body using a gentle suction technique.

The duration of the procedure would depend on the severity of your condition. It usually takes less than one hour as a day procedure under sedation.

The duration of the procedure would depend on the severity of your condition. It usually takes less than one hour as a day procedure under sedation.

What kind of results can I expect from Vaser Liposuction of the double chin area?

Not only is Vaser Liposuction able to remove the excess fat, it can also tighten the overlying skin, resulting in a more attractive youthful jawline. The scar is almost always inconspicuous as the incisions are tiny. Even for individuals prone to scarring, there is no need for concern at SW1 Clinic, we have a special Scar Prevention Program to ensure that any residual scars are minimised optimally.

What other treatments can be done to enhance the chin and jawline and further improve the appearance of the double chin?

Some patients may also benefit from a chin implant or injection of chin fillers to enhance the proportions of the chin. This most greatly benefits patients who also have a receding jawline or have a disproportionately short chin. By bringing the facial proportions closer to that of the golden ratios, we can up the beauty quotient of the face even further. A consultation with our doctors at SW1 Clinic will help you decide your best treatment plan.

Is there any post treatment care?

After the procedure, you will be put in a specially fitted chin support which you must wear for the next one week. This will ensure optimal healing and recovery from your procedure. The recovery period usually takes about 1 week with minimal swelling and bruising.

At SW1 Clinic, we also recommend aftercare using our Ultrasound therapy with lymphatic drainage about 2-3 times a week for the first 3 weeks to optimise recovery.The final result will then take about one month to be seen after the surgery.

Who is most suitable for this treatment?

Vaser Liposuction of the double chin area is best for patients with moderate to severe submental fat deposits as well as sagging skin.

For more details, please contact us here or make an appointment here.

*Results may vary according to individuals.
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