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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Pre-Op Optimisation

Breast Augmentation by SW1 Clinic focuses not only on breast enlargement but also breast enhancement, by ensuring that the final outcome is completely natural and optimal to suit every individual body type and shape.

Breast Augmentation

Focusing not only on improving the size of breasts but also on correcting any asymmetry and residual sagging caused by age, childbirth and weight fluctuations, Breast Augmentation is designed to address all aesthetic imperfections to create the most ideal aesthetic outcome possible for you.

To do so, we take care in evaluating you, assessing you, and treating you every step of the way. Starting from your pre-operative assessment, the most innovative 3D imaging technology (VECTRA®) is employed to ensure your optimal selection of implants, enabling you to achieve the most desired results. Subsequently during the post-operative period, we will be overseeing your recovery with utmost care.

Here are some of the reasons why our patients choose Breast Augmentation at SW1 Clinic:

  • Pre-operative 3D Vectra imaging to optimise implant selection
  • Tear drop implants customised to optimise individual breast shape
  • Natural appearance and soft feel
  • Breast lift with enhanced tissue support
  • No tell-tale signs of implant edge
  • Careful and precise micro-incision technique with minimal scarring
  • No interference with mammography and other screening procedures
  • Post surgical laser scar care (optional) allows optimal scar/incision healing

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*Results may vary according to individuals.
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