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#Vampirefacials: facials that suck the life out of you


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A couple years back, reality TV star Kim Kardashian Instagram-ed a selfie, with blood all over her face. She hash-tagged the photo “#VampireFacial”, while promoting her family’s reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ alongside her sister Kourtney.

Her masses of staunch followers might be used to her dolled-up, red carpet looks, but they love Kim even when she’s not all glammed up. To them, anything Kim does is pretty much faultless, and anything she does turns into a time-based online craze.

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This was how the hype of Vampire facials was born.

What are Vampire Facials?
When you get a Vampire Facial, your aesthetician will extract a small amount of your blood, and centrifuge it, retrieving plasma platelets which promote growth. Then, they insert it back into your skin. This beauty treatment claims to revitalize and trigger healing in your skin.

This Sounds Painful!
Well, you’re not wrong! Kim Kardashian, who promoted this whole procedure, mentioned how painful it was. Besides pain, many other risks are involved, and two people who had Vampire Facials done even contracted HIV.

We have to ask: Are Vampire Facials really worth all the pain and risk? Is this really the sole way of refreshing and revitalizing your skin?

Revitalize Your Skin in Other Ways
Besides a few snaps of Kim Kardashian and her family with their faces covered in blood, there isn’t any real evidence that Vampire Facials actually work. Moreover, they just do not seem to be worth the cost of pain and risk.

There are many other ways to promote healing and to have beautiful skin besides injections and blood.

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Most people fear pain and find themselves queasy at procedures such as the Vampire Facial. This is exactly why the aesthetic industry aims to appease such fears, using new technology for procedures that are non-invasive. These procedures not only have similar functions, but even omit the pain and extensive recovery time required in invasive procedures.

For example, Forever Young BBL is also an effective, virtually painless way of revitalizing your skin. It uses different wavelengths of light energy, which penetrates your skin more deeply to promote the generation of new cells and healing of your skin. It also helps to get rid of creases, wrinkles, and acne.

Outside of these professional procedures, you can also take care of your skin yourself.

Remember to use good sunblock, and steer clear of the sun if you can. Detox cleanses on a weekly basis, and hydrating night-time creams that help to firm your skin are also good ideas.

Taking care of your skin in your daily routine is a much better option than risky and painful procedures.

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Taking care of your looks is important, but don’t forget to take care of your health and safety first!

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