Reverse aging on your neck with these doctor-approved treatments

Reverse aging on your neck with these doctor-approved treatments


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Did you know that the skin on our neck and décolletage is three times thinner than the skin in our faces? This make this delicate area prone to premature aging and if not taken care of, can cause the neck to look older than our faces.

Reverse aging on your neck with these doctor-approved treatments

When you turn 40, you might start to notice the development of vertical muscle bands also known as the platysma muscles, sagging skin and even excess fat deposits.

Ending up with a face that doesn’t match the appearance of one’s neck is not ideal and if you suspect your neck is heading in that direction, here are our top 4 doctor-approved treatments to reverse the signs of aging on your neck.

#1 Thermage

Tighten sagging skin safely and naturally with Thermage, a premium non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure using radiofrequency waves. Safe enough to even be used on eyelids, Thermage can help to smooth out wrinkles and improve overall skin texture for a younger appearance. Best of all, it’s a treatment that can last from 2 to 3 years.

#2 Youth Preserve using Profhilo

Youth Preserve has been making waves in 2020 as an antiaging injectable that will restore suppleness and youthfulness to one’s skin on the face. But did you know that that this injectable can also be used on the neck and performed similarly as you would on the face. 5 injection points on each side of the neck is all you need to reduce the appearance of crepey skin while restoring lost moisture.

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#3 Nefertiti Facelift

The platysma muscles are connected directly to the muscles on your jawline and over time, loses its tautness, causing the skin to sag along with your jawline.

Nefertiti Facelift is a fairly recent procedure where a doctor injects Botox to the platysma muscles, relaxing and relieving the tension and downward pull of the skin on your neck and jaw. This results in your face looking lifted while the collagen-producing stimulants found in these micro-injections help to tighten up loose skin.

#4 Threadlifts

For a more pronounced lift and tightening in the neck area, the Infinity Neck Threadlift has seen much success among many patients. Using bio-absorbable PDO threads, the procedure allows the threads to safely stimulate a strong supporting matrix of collagen to lift and tighten sagging skin in this area. The threads will dissolve over 6 months post-procedure but the results are preserved. This treatment is popular in treating issues like double chin, turkey neck and sagging neck.


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