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How to Transform Your Face in the 40s


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We pretty much know what aging looks like, and we also know that our skin will age. However, we don’t take these facts onboard with much enthusiasm, and we find it hard to come to terms with the reality of our own aging. This is especially so once we hit that magical number – 40. At 40, aging seems to accelerate and most women find themselves aging so fast, leaving them dumbfounded.

When they find themselves in this situation, women have to make a choice. Either, they can accept aging as part of the process of life and tolerate signs of aging, or they could seek out treatments to purposefully reduce the signs of aging. Before the advent of advanced technology in the beauty industry, getting that youthful look entailed surgical treatments that were invasive and pretty scary. Perhaps that is why people in the past didn’t seek out as many treatments for aging as people do in today’s world. Today, treatments for aging come in many forms and technologies, and definitely do not need to be invasive! Anti-aging technologies include skin lasers, Botox or filler injections, or facial thread lifts (which are barely invasive).

Turning back the clock in your 40s

If you’re looking to enter your 40s while holding on to your youth, here are our secrets for you.

1. Keeping Your Skin’s Clarity and Glow
In your 40s, you might experience hormonal changes that impact your skin. Certain women find increasing pigmentation (melasma) on their face, brought about by hormonal changes and exposure to the sun. The process of your skin’s cell turnover in also slowed down, resulting in dulled skin, highlighting wrinkles and pigmentation even more. The Lustrous Skin Program, featuring Fraxel Light (a micro-resurfacing laser peel), will help to get rid of pigmentation and dulled skin.

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2. Say No to Sagginess and Volume Loss
If you find your skin sagging, that’s due to a loss of collagen and facial fat. This issue is especially prominent in the cheeks and jawline, and can make you look much older than before. If you haven’t already started treatments against sagging skin, now is as good a time as any to start. Through microfocused ultrasound, Ultherapy starts a productive wound healing response that promotes the growth of collagen over the next 3 to 6 months, and its effects usually last half a year. (Find out more about Trinity Facelift here!)

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Losing volume in your face is another problem, which could make any sagging skin and wrinkles even more obvious. The Volume High Definition Lift will help you get that youthful fullness back through a treatment of inserting hyaluronic acid fillers mid face, to better contour and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Watch Out for Wrinkles
You’ll find that your wrinkles look more prominent when you make any facial expression. These wrinkles are known as the ‘motor’ or ‘expression’ wrinkles that only appear when a specific muscle is being used. Without treatment of these wrinkles, they might become permanent, appearing even when your facial muscles aren’t being used. Trying out Botox to smoothen the wrinkles and prevent them from becoming permanent might be a good idea!

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