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Here’s how you can keep your spirits up during COVID

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I’m sure I’m not the only to agree that the COVID situation in Singapore is starting to feel hopeful. After 2 years of working from home, mask-wearing made compulsory and restrictions on where we can go and what we can do, it finally feels we can start to breathe a little easier knowing that with vaccinations rolling out, there will be a semblance of normalcy in Singapore, even if it is a new kind normal.

That being said, feeling stressed out or having overwhelming emotions in such trying and uncertain times is also a new kind of ‘normal’ for many of us. Surely this is not the kind of normal we want to live with and while it’s safe and healthy to acknowledge such feelings, there are practical solutions to cope with anxiety and manage your stress levels.

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Practice gratefulness

It may seem the entire world is topsy turvy right now but there’s always something or some things you can still be grateful for. Before when you hardly had a chance to stop and appreciate the things and people you have around you, take this time to do so. Being in good health, having friends and family who care for you, and even simply having a roof over your head and not having to worry about your daily essentials are all things you can be grateful for. Start your day right with a moment of thankfulness.

Here's how you can keep your spirits up during COVID

Take the time to learn

This is one time we can be truly grateful for the ability to do and find everything online. (Another reason to be grateful perhaps?) Since the pandemic, many prestigious universities were offering online courses. Get back to your love for fashion designing or astronomy all from the comfort of your own home.

You’re never too old to learn.

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Keep moving

Since we all know exercise release endorphins into our bodies, which in turn triggers feelings of happiness and positivity, there’s no time like now to get active and get moving. Use this as the perfect excuse to get out of your apartment. Even a walk for half an hour each day is enough to get your heart rate up and keep you feeling good. Looking forward to emerging from this pandemic with a leaner, fitter body could be another motivation for you to stay active!

Stay connected

Sure, we’re all diligently adhering to social distancing rules but that doesn’t stop us from keeping in touch with our family and friends. Various apps these days mean there are more than one way to ‘see’ them. Be it wine night or virtual games, there’re always creative ideas to stay close to the people who matter to you.

Learn a new hobby

What better time than now to discover a new love for something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for. Be it crochet, cooking, reading or gardening, these could bring much joy and even satisfaction as you indulge in these new interests.


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