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3 Products For a Younger Looking Swanlike Neck


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We spend a bomb on skincare products and facials to keep our faces youthful, dewy and as smooth as possible. But do we spend the equal amount and TLC on our neck which is the thinnest and most sensitive area around our face?

Our neck aged faster before any other part of our body but the lack of proper skin care, daily sunblock, gravity and the constant craning over smartphone elevate the sagging and wrinkles further.

Prevent the first signs of ageing with these 3 products specially formulated for a younger looking neck.

1. Chài Gold Oil

An elixir of youth infused with antioxidants, fatty acids and retinol for smoothing fine lines and restore moisture for the neck. A special formula for the neck, this oil penetrates speedily in the skin without leaving any tacky feeling. Your neckline will look and feel firmer and brighter immediately after use. Want a swanlike neck? Try this!

2. Chài Gold Flakes

Infused with champagne and pearl to remove dead skin, as well as vitamins A, C and E to revitalise the skin, Chai Gold Flakes put the glow back to your face. This gentle and skin-loving facial scrub works well on sensitive skin as well as the delicate neck areas.

♥ BEAUTY TIP: Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin and dirt to reveal a layer of healthier and brighter skin so that any subsequent skincare products penetrate easily into the skin with optimal result.

3. SW1 Marvel Neck Drape

Fitting perfectly on the neck, this mask is soaked with essential vitamins and hyaluronic acid to boost and lock in moisture to rejuvenate your neckline in just 10 minutes.


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