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3 Holy Grail Treatments To Achieve That Supermodel Body


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3 Holy Grail Treatments To Achieve That Supermodel Body

I’m pretty sure all of us are pretty attuned to the world of social media these days. If you’re reading this article on your phone, I’d venture a confident guess that you probably own a Facebook or Instagram account.

These social media platforms serve to bridge the gap between the world we live in, and the faraway land of our picture-perfect celebrity idols. Our Facebook and Instagram feeds grant us access into what they are up to, and how flawless they look while doing it.

Perfection breeds envy, and it is a virtually ineludible fact that there are a few instances (ok, who are we kidding, many instances) where that imaginary thought cloud pops above our heads, and we envision ourselves with that love-handle-free, beach-ready body, much like Elle Macpherson in one of the scores of Sports Illustrated covers she’s been featured in.

Wishful thinking, perhaps? Well I’ll have you know that wishes CAN come true. I checked in with Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic to find out how.

1. Get The Cold Treatment

“Body envy has been prevalent for the longest time, and the current social media boom has all but elevated it to dizzying heights,” Dr Low enthuses. “All the pictures we see of svelte and curvy models and celebrities lighting it up on the red carpet give us that sense of yearning to look like them. And while your head can be in the clouds for that moment, reality usually brings you right back down to earth and your confidence takes a beating knowing that you’re nowhere near that ideal figure you’re dreaming of.”

I could not agree more. Factor in hectic and erratic working schedules, procrastination borne out of fatigue, and eventual aging, your body form ends up deteriorating by the day as you entertain these fleeting thoughts of achieving that ideal figure. You simply can’t find the time to jumpstart any form of religious regime to reach that goal.

Coolshape treatment for ladies looking for a quick fix to slim and sculpt their bodies

What gives?

“I highly recommend the Coolshape treatment for ladies looking for a quick fix to slim and sculpt their bodies.” Dr Low answers without hesitation. “This is a groundbreaking and non-invasive procedure that reduces fat in the specific areas of your body where they stubbornly reside. Using the revolutionary Zimmer Z applicator, the device is applied to the target area, and the temperature is reduced to essentially “freeze out” the fat, and break down the fat cells as the shock change in temperature is introduced. This treatment is a hit with my patients, as it is simple, painless, with absolutely no downtime.”

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2. Feeling The Heat

While there’s the “cold treatment” in the form of the Coolshape procedure, Dr Low informs me that it’s only fitting that there is a “hot treatment” as well, for anyone who prefers it.

My curiosity piqued, I asked her to shed more light about this “hot treatment”, and what it brings to the table.

“The Onda Body Magic treatment utilizes radiofrequency energies that dive deep into your skin, and uses the heat it generates to shrink fat cells and stimulate collagen production that will last for month in just one sitting, sculpting your skin and giving it a more reinvigorated finish.” Dr Low explains.

She continues to add that she understands the concerns that come with using heat as a point of treatment. “There should be no concern about the potential of scalding your skin when you’re going through this procedure, as it employs integrated cooling technology, which safely moderates and controls the temperature and energy delivered to the treatment area. This makes the whole process comfortable and virtually pain-free.” reassures Dr Low.

Dr Low then goes on to add that this procedure is ideal for those who are already close to their desired shape, and just need that additional “nudge” over the finishing line. The Onda Body Magic treatment allows you to negotiate the most stubborn of fats in the most stubborn of areas… and win.

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The Dream Body Tone treatment is another no-frills add-on to the Coolshape and Onda Body Magicprocedure.

3. Massage Received

As I continue to gather insight from Dr Low, the inevitable question surfaces. Why do some people struggle with losing weight and what are some of the obscure causes of obesity?

“Apart from the common reasons like overeating, lack of exercise and binge snacking, you’ll be surprised to find that some individuals who do not have all the mentioned habits are also gaining weight at an alarming rate or finding it tough to lose weight,” quips Dr Low.

“One of the leading and little-known reasons for obesity and weight gain is actually lymph leakage. Lymph stimulates the growth of fat cells, and if lymphatic drainage is not efficient, your lymphatic vessels accumulate an excess of lymph, leading to overflowing and high fat cell count.” she reveals.

This was truly news to me. I had to admit that the prospect of me having this condition but not knowing it freaked me out. Most people don’t. I needed to know how to combat this from the good doctor.

“Yes of course, there is a way around this,” Dr Low replies, much to my relief. “The Dream Body Tone* treatment is another no-frills add-on to the Coolshape* and Onda Body Magic* procedure.

“This no-frills process uses a built-in thermal applicator to massage a lymphatic flow stimulant into the skin, speeding up the drainage process and eliminating stubborn fat deposits. The incorporation of sonic waves also helps to infuse skin-firming ingredients to give it a youthful, supple and toned finish.”

Weight loss and body contouring by means of massage? Consider me sold!

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*These three treatments have been packaged by Dr Low into a supercharged, multi-purpose program aptly named the Supermodel Bodyfit Program. This 3-hit-combo might just be the treatment you need to eliminate all your body issues and elevate your esteem

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