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Nose Thread Lift Singapore

Key benefits:

  • Effectively improves the proportions of the nose using nose threads
  • Can be used to augment the nose bridge and/or nose tip
  • More defined results compared to nose fillers
  • Avoids risks of broadening of nose bridge or migration of fillers seen in some nose filler procedures

Procedure details:

  • Performed by qualified doctor
  • 45 minute procedure
  • Very low downtime

Infinity Nose Threadlift: a quick and effective way to achieve the ideal nose.

What is the ideal nose?

Infinity Nose Threadlift Ideal Nose

Proportion is the heart of beauty. Enhancing the subtle proportions and the 3D angles of the nose will boost its aesthetic potential. An ideal nose has certain stipulated characteristics and dimension that can be enhanced by a non-surgical nose job available at SW1 Clinic.


The ideal nose is often considered to be symmetrical, with both sides of the nose appearing balanced and proportional to each other.

Nasal Bridge: The nasal bridge refers to the upper part of the nose. Some clients desire a higher nasal bridge, creating a more defined profile. Nose thread lifting can help add volume and contour to the nasal bridge, enhancing its appearance.

Nose Tip: The nasal tip plays a significant role in defining the overall aesthetic of the nose. The ideal nose tip is typically well-defined and proportionate to the rest of the nose. 

Nose Projection: The ideal nose projection refers to the distance that the nose extends from the face. It should complement your other facial features and achieve a balanced look. 

Natural Appearance: While clients may have specific desires for their ideal nose, it’s important to maintain a natural appearance.


What is Infinity Nose Threadlift?

Infinity Nose Lift

Infinity Nose Threadlift can be divided into two parts – nose bridge augmentation and nose tip augmentation (or nose tip plasty). Augmentation refers to “lifting up” or “an elevation of”. At SW1 Clinic, the two nose lifting methods (Nose Bridge Augmentation & Nose Tip Augmentation) are usually performed together to maximize harmony.

Nose Threadlift is growing in popularity as a non-surgical nose job for Asian noses, as it offers the following benefits, such as:

✓ Giving greater definition to the bridge while still looking natural,

✓ Creating a higher and sharper nose bridge without unnatural widening

✓ Lifting the tip to make it sharper in a way nose tip filler cannot do,

✓ Reducing the nose ala for a smaller looking nose tip.

However there may be instances where Nose fillers may be a more appropriate treatment for you depending on your concerns and the outcome you are after.  It is always recommended to arrange for a consultation with any of our doctors at SW1 Clinic and have a thorough facial assessment. In some patients desiring an overall harmonious improvement, our 3D Nose Lift which includes both nose fillers as well as Nose Threadlifts provide the ultimate in nose enhancement results.

What threads are used for Infinity Nose Threadlift?

Infinity Nose Threadlift uses PDO (polydioxanone) threads. The PDO threads have been scientifically proven to be fully absorbed by the body after some time. As the PDO threads dissolve over time, they stimulate a matrix of new collagen formation which works to keep the nose shape and structure over time, enhancing the nose’s definition and contour.

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What is the Nose Threadlift procedure like?

Your comfort is our priority. At SW1 Clinic, we will spend 10-20 minutes prepping you for the non-surgical nose job. This includes photography, application of a topical numbing cream and if desired some oral arnica which can help reduce bruising.

During the procedure, the doctor will inject a small amount of anaesthetic to the nose area. This will render the area numb for the next 15 minutes. You may feel some pressure and tugging during the procedure but most patients find the experience comfortable and tolerable. As with all aesthetic procedures, technique is key. That is why our doctors are constantly trained to utilize the most innovative and advanced techniques possible to ensure your outcome is optimal. Below is a breakdown of the actual procedure:

Step 1: Nasal proportions are measured to determine ideal height and point of insertion for Nose Threadlift. This is located and marked. Careful placement of the Nose Threadlifts in its ideal position will help ensure optimal outcomes.

Step 2: Local anesthesia quickly numbs the entire nose area in preparation for the Nose Threadlift treatment.

Step 3: A small injection is placed at the correct point on the nose before insertion of the Nose Threadlift. Only 1 tiny injection point at the tip of the nose is required for the entire non-surgical nose job.

Step 4: The threads are placed horizontally into the nose bridge and vertically into the nose tip. The procedure is now painless because of the anesthesia, and is over in under 15 minutes.

How long does the Nose Threadlift last?

The results of the Nose Threadlift generally last from 1 to 2 years. There is a long lasting effect as the Nose Threadlift stimulates new collagen formation over time.

However, we recommend that patients return for a re-assessment and possible top up of Nose threads at the 6-8 month interval.

As to the number of threads required for optimal results, it depends greatly from one individual to the other. The optimal number of threads will be advised by our doctors after consultation.

What are the possible side effects of Nose Threadlift?

There are very little side effects and almost no downtime at all, since it only involves a single injection site at the tip of the nose.

As compared to Nose Fillers, migration or broadening is uncommon and risk of lumps almost nil. Some discomfort is expected for the following week, just like in a Nose Filler, but it mostly resolves within a fortnight.

The risk for infection with any implantation procedure is present, albeit low. Care with sterility during the procedure is of utmost importance to avoid infection, as well as after care – please do not apply makeup or facial products on the treated area until at least 1-2 days after the procedure.

How many sessions are required to achieve a good result?

Only one session is required! The results are dependent on the type and number of threads used rather than on the number of sessions. As long as a sufficient number of the right type of threads are used, the results will be visible right after a single procedure.


After undergoing a nose thread lift procedure, it is essential to follow proper aftercare to optimise your results and ensure a smooth recovery. Here are some precautions to keep in mind after a nose thread lift.


Taking medication:

Follow any prescribed medications your doctor provides, such as pain relievers or antibiotics. Take them as directed to manage any discomfort or prevent infection.

Avoiding makeup:

Avoid applying makeup for a few days following the procedure. Bare skin can heal better without any potential irritation or infection from cosmetics.

Applying Ice:

Cold compresses or ice packs on the treated area can help reduce swelling and minimise bruising. 

Using sunscreen: 

A broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher can protect your skin from hyperpigmentation and aid in healing the treated area.

Contacting your doctor if there’s pain:

While some mild discomfort and swelling are normal after a nose thread lift, contact your doctor if you experience severe pain, persistent swelling, or any signs of infection, such as excessive redness, warmth, or discharge.

Avoiding strenuous activity:

Refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activities or exercise that may increase blood flow to the face for at least a week after the procedure. This precaution helps minimise the risk of complications and allows the threads to settle correctly.

Avoiding exfoliating and rubbing:

Avoid exfoliating or rubbing the treated area, as it may disrupt the placement of the threads and compromise the results. Be gentle when cleansing your face. Pat it dry instead of rubbing.

Avoiding activities with extreme temperatures:

Avoid activities that expose the treated area to extreme temperatures, such as saunas or hot showers. Extreme temperatures can affect the healing process and lead to complications.

How do the Threads used in Infinity Nose Threadlift look like?

There are several different threads for different areas of the face and neck. For the nose, there are two variety of threads, one to enhance the nose bridge, and the second to elevate the tip of the nose. On closer inspection, you may notice innovative cogs on these threads. They serve a clever function as once inserted, these nose threads act as a scaffold over which your body’s own collagen matrix is encouraged to grow. This immediately contours, defines, lifts and shapes your nose to your desired profile.

If you desire a higher, sharper and straighter nose without invasive surgery, Nose Threadlift may be your answer. Simply enhancing your nasal proportions will boost your overall beauty potential.

Does the type of Nose Threads used matter?

Yes. That is why it is important to ascertain the types and quality of threads used. Apart from the doctor’s skill, the results of a Nose Threadlift procedure is also much dependent on the type of threads used.

Unfortunately, a lot of threads currently in use today are short and smooth mono threads, which gives no or minimal results because they are too thin and smooth and are therefore unable to provide sufficient scaffolding to lift the nose sufficiently. On the other hand, threads that are too thick are more likely to cause scarring.

The screw cog nose threads used by us are different from usual threads because the screw cog nose threads are peppered with cogs, maximizing the scaffolding, lifting, and contouring effect of the nose. Selecting the correct threads for your nose lift will ensure excellent results with quick recovery and lower risk of side effects in the long run.

With Infinity Nose Threadlift, only one session is required to see visible good results with little downtime or side effects, as compared to repeated treatments required for other types of threads, therefore minimizing pain, time and cost.

Why do some Nose Threadlift not give sufficient result?

There are several reasons for this. If you have attempted Nose Threadlift before but do not think the results good at all, it is likely due to any of the below:

✘ Wrong type of Nose Threads used

✘ Wrong number of Nose Threads placed

✘ Wrong technique of placement of Nose Threads to maximize its potential lifting effect.

Threads with the correct type of cog gives the best lift and effect for the nose bridge and tip. One must choose wisely. The right thickness and the presence of cogs are essential to an effective nose threadlift. Otherwise, the procedure only acts to firm up the skin of the nose, rather than give a lifting effect.

Is the Nose Threadlift procedure suitable for men too?

Nose Threadlift is a very good option for nose augmentation in men that gives good and defined results. As males tend to be bigger in build, the number of threads required may be more, compared to an average female. It can also be used in conjunction with Nose Fillers for a tailored and customised result.

This procedure can be done for both men and women with good results of nose bridge lifting and nose tip sharpening.

Which to choose: Nose Filler or Nose Threadlift?

This depends very much on your objective and desired nose appearance. For correction of unevenness and height adjustment, a filler may be the better option. If your aim is to create definition and contouring, the threadlift is your weapon of choice. A combination of both techniques can of course be employed to give you the best of both worlds, this is shown in our non-surgical nose job, 3D Nose Lift.


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*Results may vary according to individuals.