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Dream Body Tone

Key benefits:

  • Add-on lymphatic massage procedure for Coolshape and ONDA
  • Aids in speedy recovery and enhanced results of body sculpting

Procedure details:

  • 10 minute procedure post Coolshape or ONDA
  • No downtime

We understand that to sculpt a six-pack, you need to exercise and eat healthy – but to help you in your quest for a covetable core, we developed this tummy-toning, thigh-firming (gym-skiving) alternative.

According to recent studies, leaky lymphatic vessels were the leading cause of adult onset obesity. Improving lymphatic drainage can help improve your body’s chances to eliminate unwanted fat deposits.

Normal vs Abnormal Lymphatic Drainage Diagram
Lymph leakage may be the reason why you can’t lose weight, according to recent studies.

Dream Body Tone is a no downtime add-on to our body treatments such as Coolshape and Exilis Body Magic. It uses a vibro-massage core to stimulate optimal lymphatic flow, aiding in the elimination of stubborn fat deposits. It also harnesses the power of sonic waves to help infuse potent skin-firming ingredients such as vitamin c, amino acids and peptides that are essential in creating youthful, supple and elastic body skin.

All this skin firming goodness is delivered with a built-in thermal applicator, designed to strategically massage the formula into your skin. Add Dream Body Tone to your bod-bettering regimen to get one step closer to ‘ab’-solutely amazing results!

How is Dream Body Tone like?

Dream Body Tone feels like an absolute dream as the treatment is soothing and comfortable. In fact when done after Coolshape, it aids in quicker recovery and enhanced appearance of results.

How long does Dream Body Tone take?

This will depend on the area to be treated. One area is about one palm sized area and takes about 5 minutes.

Can I pair Dream Body Tone with other treatments?

Yes, absolutely! Dream Body Tone is best paired with other treatments such as Coolshape and Exilis Body Magic. Check out our Supermodel Bodyfit Program for a total body makeover regime.

*Results may vary according to individuals.