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Enter: the World of Gender-Fluid Beauty Treatments


Breaking news: the disparity between vanity amongst the men and the fairer sex is greatly diminishing, and the truth is that men are caring for their skin as much as their female counterparts – if not more.

Save for breast augmentation, the modern man is now equally in the loop when it comes to the latest facials, slimming treatments and skincare products in town.

While there may not be many makeup products for men to fawn about, the condition of their skin, their build, and how they wear their hair is still very much under the umbrella of maintenance.

With men’s fashion these days costing as much (if not more) than women’s fashion these days, men need to step up their overall game, if they want to aptly represent their fine sense of fashion.

So it begins with a hush-hush ‘don’t tell anyone’ kind of “illumifacial” they go to because of their sudden breakouts and clogged pores. After said facial, they will be recommended various products to maintain the condition of their complexion, from day/night creams to even toners and cleansers.

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YES, men have beauty routines they unknowingly fall into as well. It’s not the first time girlfriends have complained about how much longer their boyfriends take to get ready, or how these vainpots have more facial products than they do.

The landscape of beauty has truly changed, and everybody wants a piece of that pie. If you’re reading this as a male, there is absolutely no stigma or taboo about looking good anymore – go nuts on your skincare routine.

For the ladies reading this, it’s time to educate your partners or male friends about the importance of grooming… and not just the hair.

Like women with their face and make up, hair is the men’s equivalent. With male pattern balding figures on the rise every year, their grooming routine has to start from the top, which is the scalp. Fortunately, there is a Hair Clinic at SW1 Clinic that can see to all your follicular needs.

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Having already spoken about how men these days pay more attention to their face, they are also very conscious about their body and how they look in their clothes these days.

This is where the difference comes in, where the body is concerned. Women are all about the boobs, ass and flat tummy, but if there’s abs, don’t mind if we do of course.

Men are all about the veins, the muscles, the pecs and the abs. While both genders are working towards different goals when it comes to exercising, there are two common traits men and women share.

The first one? The mandatory gym selfie of course. I believe your Instagram feed should be peppered with dozens of gym selfies… let’s hope they do more than take pictures in the gym!

The second one is actually a program known as the Magnetic Muscle Sculpt, a leading-edge new kid on the block that gives you all the exercise your abs, butt (and for women pelvic muscles) needs… all while lying down in the comfort of a spa.

Harnessing the prowess of magnetic energy, this treatment tightens and contracts the muscles beneath, making them more prominent to the naked eye. One session is equivalent to an astonishing 20,000 sit-up at the highest intensity – not something mere mortals can achieve.

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So here’s to all the men and women who know what’s up – beauty is fluid, and like love, it knows no gender, no colour (except your favourite swatches of course), and no discrimination.

Good looks? It’s for everyone.

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