All There Is to Know About Face Thread Lifts in Singapore

All There Is to Know About Face Thread Lift


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Isn’t it ironic that when we were younger, we couldn’t wait to grow up, and now that we are older, we wish we could turn back the hands of time, especially when signs like crepey necks, saggy jowls, a disappearing jawline and depressed-looking nasolabial folds are all pointing to an aging face.

If you’re not too keen on going under the knife but still looking for a quick age reversal, a threadlift might just be what you’re after.

What is a Threadlift?

Thread Lifts used to lift sagging skin on our faces and neck have been around for some time. In fact, thread lifts first surfaced over a decade ago (Aptos threads) but facial thread lifts were besieged by problems such as breakage of threads and the permanence (non-resorbability) of the first-generation threads, making the removal of any errant threads an impossibility.

With subsequent generation of thread lifts, improvements were forged and Face thread lift procedures became not just safer and with less downtime, but produced superior effects for the face.

Consider the threadlift a renovated version of the surgical facelift which is done by doctors to tackle sagging skin and folds.

The facial threadlift is a non-invasive procedure as it doesn’t require surgery, incisions or manipulation of deep tissues. What it does do is it allows the doctor to improve one’s looks by repositioning skin back to its youthful appearance. 

How Do Threadlifts Work?

Threadlifts use dissolvable thread, the same material as surgical sutures, to lift and rejuvenate the skin. The procedure requires the doctor to thread the sutures through the skin to create a lifting and tightening effect.

While the sutures give an instantaneous lift, over time the sutures will dissolve and stimulate collage production too. This allows threadlifts to provide antiaging results that look natural and without the need for surgery.

Why do a Threadlift?

First of all, we should all agree there’s absolutely nothing wrong in getting old and / or older but we must admit that most of us do aim to age well and with grace; we want to match how we feel on the inside with how we would like to like to look on the outside. A harmonious balance of the inner and outer being would inevitably allow us to be happier, healthier, sexier individuals.

One of the main advances in the field of thread lifts which has driven their recent popularity is the introduction of bio-absorbable threads.

First generation Thread Lifts such as Aptos are made from non-absorbable material, which means the threads remain permanent fixtures under the skin. This may not sit well with many patients who reject the idea of having permanent foreign bodies sharing their dermal space.

Recent innovations such as Silhouette Instalift and Infinity Instalift are made from 100% bio-resorbable material PLA (polylactic acid) and PDO (Polydioxanone) respectively. This material is slowly resorbed an replaced by a collagen matrix within your skin to secure the lifting effects with time.

“Patients who want to have maximal lift will usually undergo Silhouette Instalift. The procedure is easy and takes less than an hour. As Silhouette Soft threads are long and the anchor points are high near the hair line, you only need a few threads to produce maximal lifting benefits, about 2-4 on each side of the face” says Dr Low Chai Ling, who offers both Infinity Instalift and Silhouette Instalift at her practice.

What can I expect from a Threadlift

A threadlift undeniably gives you an instant and visible improvement to your face. As mentioned above, it is a non- invasive procedure compared to traditional surgical facelifts. Barbed, dissolvable threads made of the same material as surgical sutures are placed strategically under the skin in vectors which will help to improve the jowls, jawline and deep nasolabial folds (nose).

What is the downtime?

A surgical facelift will generally give you an approximate 2-week downtime and studies have shown that results last around 7 years. The downtime of a threadlift procedure is less – 1 or 2 days since there is no cutting of the skin – making this procedure a lot more appealing to many patients. The threads used today are dissolvable and are more compatible with the body. Results from threadlifts are also more predictable, and expected to last up to 12 months.

What kind of threads are used for a Thread Lift?

Some of the threads currently used:

∙ Polydioxanone (PDO, Infinity Instalift, V-Petit) – these are commonly used for stitching in surgeries. They also help to stimulate collagen production in your skin, and work well to provide the architectural structure for skin firming long after the threads have dissolved.

Barbed (anchoring) thread

 Ideal for the best lift as the threads can gather more skin

Non-barbed PDO threads

 ideal for improving wrinkles and adding volume to your skin


∙ Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA, Silhouette Instalift) – there are made using the same material as Sculptra, and is even more effective at stimulating collagen and can last up to 2 years. Collagen production continues for a few more months even after the threads have dissolved.

∙ Polycaprolactone (PCL) – this is another material used for surgical sutures, but this can last up to 3 years. These threads are infused with Vitamin C which is slowly delivered to the surrounding tissues to further prevent pigmentation and provide an anti-aging effect.

At SW1 Clinic, we recommend the Infinity Instalift and Silhouette Instalift treatment to achieve your ideal face lift.


∙ Infinity Instalift provide the most lift to you skin as the threads can gather more skin for lifting. These are ideal for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their sagging cheeks and jowls. Hence Infinity Instalift not only benefits sagging skin, but offers contouring and shaping benefits as well.

Infinity Instalift offers my patients a plethora of different enhancement effects for them to choose from. Those wanting a sharper V-shape face can opt for Infinity V-lift; those who want to rid their saggy double chins may flock towards Infinity Neck Lift; women who wants a sharper nose without surgery may choose “Infinity Nose Lift”, Dr Low Chai Ling explains.

∙ Silhouette Instalift is an excellent option for improving contours in your mid-face and uses small cones on the thread to hook the deeper layers of skin tissue. Silhouette Instalift which utilizes Silhouette Soft threads produced remarkable lifting benefits for saggy skins, thus providing many women a non-surgical alternative to a younger looking visage without going under the knife.


Advantages of Thread Lift

∙ Little to no downtime

With threadlifts, there is none to little downtime. Some may experience slight swelling or soreness but this does not affect your everyday tasks. Most do return to work after the procedure.

∙ Non-Surgical Treatment

And did we mention there are no knives involved? The treatment is surgery free and takes advantage of your skin’s natural healing process to produce more collagen.

∙ Compliments other aesthetic treatments without side effects

Threadlifts complement other aesthetic treatments such as fillers and botox to help you achieve a full skin rejuvenation.


Different Types of Thread Lifts at a Glance

Types of Thread Lift Aptos Infinity Instalift Silhouette Instalift
Origin Older (first generation) New (third generation) New (third generation)
Material non-absorbable polypropylene 100% bio-absorbable PDO (Polydioxanone) 100% bio-absorbable Poly L-lactic acid
How does it create ‘Lifting effect’? Bi-directional barbs (like that of a barbed wire) with no anchor point.
Threads are inserted in a manner that the thread cannot move either way because of the two-way direction of barbs.
Threads do not dissolve
Cogs (bi-directional and uni-directional) available for different areas of the face.
As threads dissolve, stimulate collagen matrix to support lift
Uni-directional ConesHigh anchor point near hair line allows maximal lifting with each thread.As threads dissolve, stimulate collagen matrix to support lift
Key strengths Produces lifting effect. Produces good lifting effect
Able to shape and contour lower face to a slim V-shape
Comes in different, unique options to target key areas: brow, nose, neck, lower face
Produces long-lasting and excellent lifting effect
Who is an ideal candidate Generally replaced by newer generation threads. Great for people who wants facial shaping.
Great for people who wants to target specific smaller areas of the face such as brows, neck.
Special Nose Threads enable lifting and elevation of nose bridge and nose tip.
Great for people who wants maximal lifting effect.
Main Side effects Threads can break over time.Swelling of treated area for 1-2 days
Possibility of pin-prick marks and bruising.
Mild swelling of treated area for 1-2 days
Possibility of pin-prick marks and bruising.
Possibility of pin-prick marks and bruising.Mild dimpling of treated area for the first week.

What Is The Cost of Face Thread Lift in Singapore?

The price of thread lift in Singapore can go from $1800 and up. This highly depends on the doctor’s recommendation to achieve your perfect lift.

Which Thread Lift is the Best?

The million-dollar question on everyone’s lips is: Is there one type of Thread Lift that trumps the rest?

“The ‘best’ Thread lift ultimately depends on two things: first, correct selection of thread lift for your desired outcome and second, the doctor’s technique” explains Dr Kenneth Lee, who has been training doctors on both Silhouette and Infinity Instalift.


“Even with the ‘best’ threads, a poor technique can still compromise the results. Choose a clinic whose doctors have abundant experience in thread lifts to ensure you are receiving the optimal treatment. After all, practice makes perfect” he adds.

For patients who are extra cautious, doctors we spoke to advise patients to choose a practice that offers more than one type of Thread lift procedure. This way, you know that the doctor will select the best type of Thread Lift to suit your facial concerns, rather than being limited by what is available at his or her practice.

Which is the Best Type of Thread Lift For Me?

Dr Lee advises:

“Focus on what your desired effect is? If you want a thread lift to give you a V-shape face for instance, go for something like an Infinity V-lift. If you want a thread lift to deliver maximal lifting, opt for Silhouette Instalift.”

Dr Low advises:

“I ask my patients which part of their face they would you like to treat? If they want a small targeted area such as the neck, I would advise them to go for the Infinity Neck Lift as their threads are shorter and can navigate smaller areas. If they want to elevate or lift their noses, again Infinity Nose Lift would be the treatment of choice”


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