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Glowing skin: Bride’s edition


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The proposal was magical and you’ve said yes to being his Mrs. You’re now planning for your wedding and while it’s true there’s a ton of wedding logistics to sort out, one thing you definitely can’t neglect is YOU!

Glowing skin: Bride’s edition

You are the star of your very own big day and naturally you want to look your best as you’re walking down the aisle. When it comes to skincare, there’s more to just exfoliating and a sheet mask to get you looking like the radiant bride you’re meant to be. With good planning and preparation, you could achieve the skin of your dreams on your wedding day, and here’s how.

1 year to go

Start making an appointment to see an aesthetic doctor of your choice 1 year before. This will give your doctor a chance to have a look at your current state of your complexion and devise a skincare strategy to get your skin to where it needs to be. There are treatments that require months with several sessions required and you definitely would like to build enough buffer time for this.

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9 months to go

Besides getting started on your recommended aesthetic treatments, consider getting in regular facials to get skin in tip top shape. But beware of not going overboard with facials as these could lead to flare-ups – the last thing you would want to deal with on your wedding day.

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5 months to go

If you’re not already exfoliating your skin regularly, this is a good time to start incorporating it into your skincare regime. Pair this with a brightening serum such as Vitamin C to reap the benefits of brighter, more radiant skin. Exfoliating your skin once to twice a week also helps to improve the absorption of your other skincare products so the product doesn’t sit on top of all the dead skin cells and not do anything for your skin.

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3 months to go

Getting close to the big day and you wouldn’t want all your efforts to go to waste at this stage. If you have been getting slack with your skincare regime, now’s a great time to get strict with it. Besides cleaning your face, be sure to use products that work hard for your skin. For example, Vitamin C in the day, retinol in the evening and sunscreen 24/7.


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