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Stop these skincare mistakes in 2021


With the dawn of a new era, one should expect changes and skincare should no doubt rank top in your lifestyle changes.

Stop these skincare mistakes in 2021

We’ve all heard about the regular ones like wearing sunscreen daily and cleaning off your makeup before heading to bed. Are there any other new tips to ensure your skin is in its optimal state for the new year? You bet there are!

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#1 Double cleanse

Giving skin a good, deep clean is one of the most basic form of selfcare you can bestow upon yourself. It creates a clean slate (in every sense of the word) for other skincare products to work its way into your skin. The best way to go about this? Double cleanse.

Cleaning once with a good makeup remover followed with a regular facial cleanser is a sure way to ensure your skin is rid of all the build up of dirt, pollution and gunk to start your skincare right.

#2 Apply products correctly

This simply means applying products in the correct order to ensure optimal absorption into the skin. Always start with the lightest product, usually starting with a toner, essence, followed with a serum and moisturizer.

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#3 Stopping at the jawline

We tend to focus all our skincare efforts on our face and more often than not, end up neglecting the  neck area. The skin on our neck is thin and prone to show the signs of aging more so than the skin on our faces. Ignoring the neck area during your skincare routine will exacerbate the signs of aging and you’ll end up with a neck that looks  older than your face.

Treat this area as part of your face and remember to extend your skincare products to this area, including moisturizer and sunscreen!

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#4 Skin health is everything

Focus on achieving healthy skin rather than youthful looking skin. Sure, we would all like to revert to the supple form our faces held when we were in late 20s and early 30s but what really shines through is how well you take care of your skin throughout the decades. A healthy glow speaks volumes and will radiate eternal no matter your age.

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