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Here’s how you can prevent wrinkles, doctor-approved.

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Wrinkles, the bane of our existence for many of us. Others beg to differ, arguing that these lines could add character and charm to one’s face. For me personally, I would prefer to delay the onset of these lines for as long as possible. On my quest to stave off these lines, I spoke to Dr Chua Han Boon, aesthetic consultant of SW1 Clinic to find out how I can prevent wrinkles and what to do with the existing ones.

Here’s how you can prevent wrinkles, doctor-approved.

What causes wrinkles?

We know wrinkles appear as we age and the reason for this is the loss of collagen and diminished collagen production that occur as we get older. This is simply a fact of life and can’t be reversed. There are however other factors that speed up the signs of aging such as UV rays, pollution and even the lifestyle habits you have.

Older skin is also thinner and more prone to dryness, emphasizing the appearance of wrinkles on our faces.

So, what can you do to prevent wrinkles?

#1 Sun protection

UV rays are one of the main causes for aging skin, and the best way to keep this in check is to apply liberal amounts of sun screen daily. For it to be effective, be sure to look for a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Apply daily, come rain or shine as UV rays are still present despite the weather.

#2 Retinol

A must-have for aging skin, retinol also known as Vitamin A not only encourages collagen production, it also encourages skin regeneration, improving your skin’s overall texture and appearance.

For newbies to retinol, it’s best to start with a lower dosage of retinol as this ingredient is known to cause skin irritation. Give your skin time to become accustomed to retinol before upping the dosage and frequency of use. If in doubt, speak to your dermatologist or aesthetic doctor.

#3 Moisturise

Since older skin is more prone to dryness, you can do your skin a favour by diligently applying moisturizer to boost hydration levels. Your best bet is to look for one that contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C which will help prevent wrinkles from forming or getting deeper.

#4 Sleep on your back

A study found that there was a correlation between their sleeping position and the formation of wrinkles on their faces. It found that those who sleep on their side or stomach speed up the formation of wrinkles and distort facial skin.

A simple solution to this is to make sleeping on your back your new sleep position.

#5 Stop smoking

Tobacco smoke damages elastin and collagen, the building blocks for plump, firm, healthy looking skin. Nicotine in smoke also constricts your blood vessels which means less efficient blood flow throughout your body and to your skin. Not only does this mean less oxygen is sent to your skin, essential vitamins that are beneficial for your skin such as Vitamin A and C are limited.

On top of that, the action of smoking encourages the formation of wrinkles around your lips.

#6 Stop excessive facial expressions

Frequent and repeated facial expressions such as frowning and squinting can encourage the formation of deep lines in your face.

Be aware of your facial expressions and try to keep your face as relaxed as possible whenever you can.

What if you already have wrinkles?

If you find that you already have deep set wrinkles, all is not lost. Anti-wrinkle injections is one of the most popular treatments for erasing those deep lines away. This procedure relaxes the muscles responsible for creating these lines, resulting in a more relaxed, youthful appearance.


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