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The perfect pair and how to get them


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If you are unsatisfied with your small, deflated breast, especially observable after breastfeeding, take some time to read on as we share with you some safe surgical procedures recommended by plastic surgeons with the aim to enhance your breast size and shape.

We uphold patient’s safety to the highest standard. Here at SW1, all our plastic surgeon are professionally trained and specialized in what they do. It is important to choose a surgeon you feel comfortable sharing your concerns in order to achieve your ideal breast look.

Breast augmentation has been increasingly becoming more common, with it being the most popular cosmetic surgery to date due to its high patient satisfaction level.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

“Breast implants have come a long way to the current day 6th generation implants,” explains Dr Chia Hui Ling, our very own female plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement surgeries and breast reconstruction. Adding on, Dr Chia shared how the latest 6th generation Motiva breast implants consists of special features which are built in to improve the integration of the implants into the body. This aids in reducing the risk of capsular contracture, or tissue hardening after breast augmentation.

With the increasing risk of BIA-ALCL in macro-textured implants, patients are more wary of the link found between breast implants and BIA-ALCL, or breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Dr Chai recommended opting for smooth and nanotextured implants as much as possible.

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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

A natural occurring process where fat is being grafted to the breasts. Through the removal of your own fats from areas of your body where it is less desired, these fats are being transferred to the breasts for enhancement purposes. However, this procedure holds limitations as it is not possible for patients who are overly slim, or if you are looking to achieve a huge increase in breast size. Implants will appear to be a more ideal choice for those who falls into that category.

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Hybrid Breast Augmentation

“There is a rising trend in my practice for hybrid breast augmentation, where I combine fat transfer with breast implants,” says Dr Chia. This unique procedure has its advantages as below,

1. Gives surgeon the flexibility to use smaller implants to achieve larger breasts sizes. They are generally safer than larger ones as well!
2. Gives an overall more natural looking and softer feeling breasts.
3. Creates a narrower cleavage and effectively fixes unevenness caused by previous surgeries
4. Fats can be harvested from areas where you desire contouring

Here comes the most important message you need to be aware of!
Never, never go for breast fillers as they are BANNED in many countries for their ill-effects such as misshapen breasts, filler migration, high infection risk and skin complications.

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