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Look deep within – there’s so much more to explore


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When was the last time you look into the mirror and focus your attention on the appearance of your eyes rather than your huge pores or dark spots? If you look closely, you may have realize some visible fine lines and wrinkles. Being the first feature to portray the signs of aging, it is important to take good care of your eyes at a young age.

What exactly leads to aging around the eyes you may ask. Below, we bring you through the causes and solutions so read on!

Being in the sun can accelerate the rate of skin aging. The ultraviolet rays emitted but the sun has the ability to worsen the thinnest layer of the skin around the eyes. In additional to the constant squinting, collagen and elastin around the eyes is broken down at a faster speed. This will hence introduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles at an earlier stage.

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The next time you leave the house, remember to have your sunglasses and sunblock on to minimize the damage the UV rays does to your skin.

You will be surprise how bad sleeping posture contribute to the aging skin around your eyes. If you find yourself always sleeping on your tummy or where the side of your face is scrunched up against your pillow, maybe it is time to change that habit. Let me tell you why! When one side of your face is squeezed, that area around your eyes is constantly in a creased state for a long duration when you are asleep. This will lead to fine lines and wrinkles formation in double the speed.

To eliminate such instances from becoming a reality, try and get use to sleeping on your back instead. On top of that, you should have been applying a night eye cream, such as the Dream Cream, before you go to bed. This is to encourage collagen production and cell turnover at the skin around your eyes.

Have sufficient sleep is crucial not just for your eyes but your body system and skin. It is the time when your skin undergoes cell repair and regeneration. Lack of sleep also contributes to dark eye circles and puffy eyes. Due to the fragile nature of the under eyes, the build up of a lack of sleep can cause the skin to lose its glow, looking dull and lifeless.

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The perfect treatment to correct your dark eye rings and puffy eyes is the popular Revitalift Eye treatment from SW1 Clinic. By naturally replenishing new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, this treatment helps in rehydrating creepy skin beneath the eyes, brightening dark circles and promoting skin glow.

While we can slow done the rate of skin featuring signs of aging, we are unable to completely stop it. As we age, the skin around the eyes will start to loses its density and suppleness, giving wrinkles and fine lines the opportunity to form.

Gift yourself with a therapeutic Eye Fabulosity facial which helps in removing wrinkles and renewing skin radiance. Be prepared to see a different you!

Take extra cautious with anything that comes into contact with your eyes. As much as possible, refrain from rubbing your eyes with force. When too much force is applied, be it removing your makeup with NAKED Black Orchid Milk Makeup Remover or applying eye creams such as Liquid Gold Eye Serum, wrinkles tend to form faster with the constant back and forth motion. Instead, gently dab with your fingertips to minimize the pressure applied.

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Good skin comes with constant effort to maintain its result. Nothing great comes easy, you just need a little more determination and patience!

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