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How do threadlifts help you look younger?


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Threadlifts have made their way into our aesthetics vocabulary and has risen in popularity as a preferred antiaging procedure. Its main call to fame is its ability to subtly rejuvenate the skin and re-sculpt the face to improves one’s facial features and definition. Threadlifts are also known to be very safe, effective and with little downtime.

What is a threadlift?

Also known as the lunchtime facelift, threadlifts are a relatively straightforward procedure that can be done in an hour or less without the need for anesthesia.

Medical threads made out of PDO, a dissolvable suture material, are injected into the targeted areas with a fine needle and pulled tight to create the lifting and tightening effect we’re after. The threads also stimulate collagen production over time to create a longer lasting lift that’s natural looking. This results in a more youthful appearance with improved facial definition.

Threadlifts can be used in different parts of the face and these are the ones where threadlifts are popularly used.

#1 Nose

Threads can be inserted into the nose to enhance the height of one’s nose bridge and even the appearance of one’s nose tip. The threads can help to lift the nose tip to create a sharper and smaller nose tip, whilst improving the definition of your nose bridge at the same time. The increased collagen production around the nose can help to lift sagging skin here for a younger appearance overall.

#2 Forehead

Deep lines and wrinkles on the forehead can be treated with a threadlift procedure. The threads can help to reposition sagging tissues, creating a desired lifting effect without any telltale signs. If you are concerned with your forehead looking too flat, the right kind of threads used can help to give volume to the forehead.

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#3 Eyebrows

As we get older, we might notice sagging skin around our eye area, caused by weakened muscles. Threads can reposition and lifting sagging brows to ‘open’ the eyes and alleviate a tired appearance.

#4 Cheeks and chin

A beautiful V-shape face is one of the signs of youth and this can be easily achieved with the help of a threadlift procedure. The threads will be inserted into the cheeks and chin for a lifting and tightening effect, improving the definition of the shape of the face.

#5 Neck

The neck is usually one of the first areas to give our age away. Threadlifts can help to treat the sagging skin even in this delicate area for a smoother and more youthful neck.

The best thing about threadlifts is that the results typically last from 18 to 24 months and a repeated treatment is all you need to maintain the beautiful results.


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