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Aesthetic treatments for under $800


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It’s a common misconception that aesthetic treatments are expensive and beyond what our budgets allow for. With so many aesthetic options available these days, there’s bound to be something that meets your skin’s goals with putting a dent in your bank account.

Here are some aesthetic treatments you probably didn’t think you could have done for under $800.

Aesthetic treatments for under $800

#1 Botox

There’s good reason for this anti-wrinkle injection for being so popular. At $500 per area, Botox is a safe and effective method for erasing deep lines and wrinkles caused by repeated movements in the facial muscles, also known as dynamic lines. These usually refer to lines on your forehead and crow’s feet. Did you know Botox can also be used to help you achieve fuller lips? For those who aren’t a fan of fillers, Botox can help to relax the muscles around your upper lip, giving the appearance of a fuller top lip. To assess your suitability for this treatment, it’s best to consult with an experienced aesthetic doctor.

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#2 Pico laser

If you’re looking to give your complexion a makeover while keeping within a $800 budget, Pico laser could be your answer. In as little as 30 minutes, Pico Pigment laser can work on your complexion to lighten pigmentation, fade blemishes and discolouration and brighten it up. The treatments itself is comfortable with the help of the application of numbing cream. There will be a few days of downtime but you’ll see an improvement in dullness and uneven skin colour after this period.

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#3 Medi-facials

Who doesn’t love a good facial, especially one that does more than just provide your face with a deep clean? Harnessing the technology of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) and incorporating this into the popular 24K Uplift facial, tired, dull and sagging skin is revitalised and transformed into a visage of youthfulness as you simply lay back and enjoy this 90-minute facial.

With any aesthetic treatments you are interested in, it’s always best to consult an aesthetics doctor who is able to accurately and safely assess and treat your skin concerns.

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