5 Tips to Lose Your Double Chin Without Surgery

5 Tips to Lose Your Double Chin Without Surgery


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Our bodies are uniquely complex, especially in the way they store fat. For starters, we’ve always thought that the tell-tale sign of weight gain is when our bellies become flabby or we develop fat under our chin. Often called the ‘double chin’, this fat deposit can appear for a number of reasons including diet, lifestyle, and genetics.

But is there actually a way of reducing double chin without surgery in Singapore? Read on for a list of options worth considering for reducing your double chin.

What causes a double chin? 

Submental adiposity, fat, or fullness, whatever you call it, all pertain to the stubborn flab under our chin. A double chin appears when your body stores excess fat in the lower jaw or around the neck. As such, weight gain is the most common cause, although certain other factors also come into play including ageing! When you reach your late 20s, your body produces less collagen and elastin, affecting skin elasticity. This is why, as you age, you become more prone to dryness and sagging, especially under the chin.

Another factor at play is genetics. Since every DNA imprint is unique, our bodies store fat differently. With this, we can still develop a double chin even with a healthy lifestyle and body fat percentage.

Lastly, your posture. Believe it or not, poor posture is also a culprit for that stubborn double chin. This is because your posture affects your muscle strength. In fact, poor posture can weaken the muscles around your neck, cause sagging, and eventually lead to a double chin.

Is there a way of reducing double chin without surgery in Singapore? 

All causes aside, removing that layer of fatty tissue underneath your chin is possible. Contrary to popular belief, you can achieve this without surgical liposuction, so there’s no real need to go under the knife!

Here are some of the options for reducing a double chin without surgery in Singapore:


You may have heard of Ulthera, the non-invasive facelift everyone’s been raving about! FDA approved, this ultrasound treatment is perfect for sagging skin on the face, double chins included.

The procedure uses medical ultrasound deep below the surface of the skin and stimulates a healing response leading to the production of natural collagen. Results include facial firming, tightening of the skin and lifting, as well as a more defined jaw line.


Dermal fillers can indeed be used for a sculpted appearance. With the onset of age, you will notice a loss in volume and a consequent drooping effect. This can be reduced with the use of Dermal Fillers. Fillers are typically made with Hyaluronic Acid and can help to create a more chiselled jawline as well as tighter any loose skin around your chin. They are an easy, low-downtime route to reducing a double chin without surgery in Singapore.

However, be mindful that unlike a chin implant, the results with a filler are temporary and the results won’t last forever. It is also worth considering the profile of your doctor – someone who understands that male and female face contours are different, and how to avoid creating a masculine-looking chin.

Neck Thread Lift 

Thread lifts can also work miracles on your double chin! A Neck Thread Lift is a non-surgical procedure using absorbable threads that lift and stimulate the vectors of collagen leaving behind a lasting lift. Thread lifts are longer-lasting than the other lifting procedure we’ve mentioned and also help to encourage collagen production in your skin, naturally. You can expect visible lifting due to the threads, but also a long-lasting youthful glow as this natural production of collagen kicks in.

Sygma Lift  

If you are afraid of pain and discomfort, HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound should be a route worth considering. This unique anti-aging treatment uses a patented 2nd generation High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU technology that has transformed facial lifting into a virtually painless experience. You can benefit from this treatment if you are looking to improve the contours of your neck, jawline, reduction in double chin or diminishing fine lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth area.

Sygma Lift uses fractionated HIFU technology that can concentrate up to 1000 intersecting beams of ultrasound energy, delivering them with extreme precision to treat areas of concern. Unlike traditional HIFU, Sygma Lift uses precise beams that are broken up into many different fractions, allowing them to bypass the surface of the skin and penetrate exact depths to stimulate and remodel collagen. The results speak for themselves – skin tightening without the pain!


As we’ve mentioned earlier, weight gain is one of the most common causes of a double chin. With that, it’s worth considering a healthier diet and a regular workout regimen. Take note of your calorie intake and reduce sugar and carbs to help burn fat faster. It is also essential to have at least an hour of physical activity daily to help boost your metabolism. A healthy diet and lifestyle, plus any of these treatments, will help you get rid of that double chin faster.


About the Author – Dr Chua Han Boon 

Dr Chua graduated from the National University of Singapore with a distinction in Surgery and was awarded the Yeoh Khuan Joo Gold Medal for top achievement in Surgery in 2002. He was also placed on the Dean’s List, representing the top 10 graduating doctors of his cohort.

His special interests lie in skin-firming anti-ageing treatments such as non-surgical facelifts using Ultherapy. He frequently also trains other doctors in anti-ageing and cosmetic laser procedures both locally and around the region.

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