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Muscle Sculpting Programs

Vying for the perfect body is more than just skin deep. To augment your fitness regime, these muscle toning & strengthening therapies below will accelerate your muscle sculpting results. Hoping to say ‘hi’ to your sixpack or flaunt a perkier derrière in no time? These muscle sculptors are your no-sweat solutions.

Mix & Match

Perfect for those who want to target several muscle areas and want the flexibility of swapping areas for an all-round body sculpting experience.

Magnetic Muscle Sculpting x 1 $218
Magnetic Muscle Sculpting x 10 $1744
Magnetic Muscle Sculpting x 30 $4578

Female Pelvic Core Rejuvenator

Age & childbirth weakens our feminine pelvic cores. This Kegel stimulator will tighten, strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles, rejuvenating you internally.

Pelvic & Back Strengthening x 15 $2289

Strong: 7 x per week | Improve: 3 x per week | Maintain: 1 x per week

Please tone my muscles!

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Sixpack Abs Sculptor

Who doesn’t want a sixpack? If you’ve been working out with no results, augment your current regime with our abdominal muscle sculpting. It defines, tones and sculpts. No sweat!

Abdominal Muscle Sculpt x 15 $2452.50

Strong: 5 x per week | Improve: 2 x per week | Maintain: 1 x per week

Buttock Lift & Shape

No more baggy jeans after a program of our buttock toning therapies. This works on your gluteal muscles so it firms and tones your buttocks, while you chill.

Gluteal Muscle Sculpt x 15 $2452.50

Strong: 5 x per week | Improve: 2 x per week | Maintain: 1 x per week

*Results may vary according to individuals.